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Two-Legged Boxer Puppy Runs On The Beach For The First Time

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Pitbull Feat. G.R.L. - Wild Wild Love

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WOW: What Happens When You Combine Coke, Nutella, Mentos & Condoms!

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My girls

My girls are my life! I find myself looking at pics of them nonstop and loving them more and more.

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Hayden Panettiere Calls Us

Hayden Panettiere calls us to talk about her drama series “Nashville”, her child acting career and musical ambitions. How young did she start acting? Listen below to find out!

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How I Met My Other

The television show “How I Met Your Mother” is ending and the cast wanted to honor it by talking about how they met their significant others. Listen to it and share your own #MyOther below!


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Big Al Sings About Dog Poo [VIDEO]

Big Al noticed that Curtis (his dog) always faces north when he poops. He was so amazed by this that he sang a song about it. You don’t want to miss this...

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ASS ASS ASS: Selena Gomez Shows Off Back Side In Instagram Pic

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Joey McIntyre Calls the Show

Joey McIntyre calls us to talk about NKOTB! They are starting up a European tour, but Joey wants to tell fans about their one USA concert in Las Vegas. Listen to the interview below!


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Big Al's Rapping Movie Review

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show wants to send you to the MTV Movie Awards. All you have to do is send us a rapping movie review and lucky us… Big Al gave us an example! Listen and a link to enter below!

Do you think you can do better? Want to win a trip to the MTV Movie Awards? Enter your Rapping Movie Review here


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