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J-Si in New Orleans on Fri 2/7!

Hey, it's J-Si and I'm gonna be at the Fair Grounds for Starlight Racing on Friday, February 7th. Come hang out with me!

I'm gonna be live in the Miller Time Beer Garden from 5-8pm.  At that same time & place, there'll be a free beer tasting!

In addition to the thoroughbred racing - there will be cute little spider monkeys riding sheepdogs...for real!  Plus The Topcats are gonna play live.  It's just $5 to get in...so I'll see ya there?

Here's all the info you need from FGNO.com:
•  First Post is 5p and the last race is typically around 9:15p
•  DJ San-D will play in the Miller Time Beer Garden from 6p-10p
•  Our Dancers will perform in the Miller Time Beer Garden from 7p-10p
•  The Topcats will perform in the Clubhouse from 7p-11p
•  Meet J-Si from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning from 5p-8p in the Miller Time Beer Garden
•  Team Ghost Riders with spider monkeys performance will take place between 7p-7:30p on the main track.
•  Exclusive presale tasting of Miller Fortune in the Miller Time Beer Garden from 5p-8p.
•  Complimentary wine tasting from Constellation Brands featuring Robert Mondavi Private Selection in the Clubhouse from 5p-6p.

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Jenna is Mad at Her Kinda Boyfriend

Jenna was twitterpated after a perfect date night with her kinda boyfriend. Then she walked in on a private conversation that ruined everything. What did she overhear? 

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Miley & Billy Ray Unplugged

Miley Cyrus performed on MTV’s Unplugged last night and the cast stumbled across some hidden audio of Miley and her dad. It’s funny they sound a lot like J-Si and Kellie. You don’t want to miss it!

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Kellie's Trip to the Psychic & J-Si Reads a Book

Big Al might have had a boring day but some other members of the cast had an interesting day. Kellie had an insightful trip to the psychic and J-Si brags on himself for reading a book! 

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Corey B's Thursday Night Break Up - "Outta The Closet"

Corey B breaks up another unhappy relationship LIVE on the radio!

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Justin Bieber's New Song About Getting Arrested

Once released from jail, Justin Bieber went into the studio to record a song about his wild night and we have it! J-Si and Kellie share it with us and you don’t want to miss it!


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Kevin Hart Calls the Show

Kevin Hart joins us! He is promoting the number one and record-breaking movie Ride Along. We ask him about his chemistry with Ice Cube and if there will there be a sequel? Listen to find out what he said below!


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Ian Somerhalder Calls the Show


Ian Somerholdar calls us to talk about the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries. He joins us in bed with his rescue dogs. We ask him who his favorite vampire character is? Listen below to find out what he said!


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NEED TO BE CAUGHT: Three men wanted for attack on two women in French Quarter [V

These three attacked and robbed 2 innocent woman in the Quarter and are still free on the streets.

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Psycho Shanon is back! [VIDEO]

We are all so happy that Psycho Shanon is back and she is here with us in studio! Shanon shares with us how she is feeling and gives us her doctors report.

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