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Posts from February 2015

The Voice Factor Idol: Big Al vs Jenna [AUDIO]

Big Al and Jenna go head-to-head during the third round (aka loser’s bracket) of our Voice Factor Idol Song Challenge. Who did the best battle song?

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Kellie's Blog: Why take things slow?

So I know a lot of people are curious about my Tinder Bear situation and maybe some are actually rooting for this one to work. (Even though I must admit that being in a happy, balanced relationship makes for BORING radio….) But I’m actually having fun with how this one is playing out.

starbucks-frappuccinoFirst of all, a couple of years ago, I would’ve died of embarrassment if people found out I’d met someone through a hookup app. I would have forced him to agree to the lie that he bumped into me in the at Starbucks, spilling his venti locka wocka floka choca frappuccino all over my new blouse that suddenly became see-through, forcing him to offer me his jacket and ask for my number. Now THAT’s the stuff romantic comedies are made of.

But no. I was bored at my parents’ house and started swiping around on Tinder.

So that’s our beginning. And it’s all still new and it’s fun and it’s a little bit scary — which is also fun! And now the REALLY fun part is waiting to see when we actually cross that line and he accidentally introduces me to someone as his girlfriend. Because you know that’s how it has to happen. We’ve all been there. The guy is introducing you to a couple of his friends and suddenly, “This is my girlfriend…” comes sliding out of his mouth followed by that little look of “Uh oh!” in his eyes. And we ladies just stick out our hands and say, “Nice to meet you,” while we’re thinking in our dizzy heads, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!”

Fun fun fun!!

OMG!!!! And guess what!!! A defining moment in our burgeoning relationship just happened last night. I told him I have to fly to LA in a couple weeks and he not only offered to take me to the airport……………he offered to pick me up!!!!!! Do you know how MAJOR that is??? Now all that’s left for him to do is offer to fix something in my house. That’s when I’M gonna drop down on one knee and beg him to be mine.

Have I said too much?
- Kellie

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Dr. Girlfriend's Birthday Party Or The Big Fight? [AUDIO]

Big Al has a choice to make… Dr. Girlfriend’s 30th birthday is the same weekend as the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight. What’s a bar owner (in a relationship) to do? Check out the advice Big Al received. 


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Army Staff Sgt Travis Mills [VIDEOS/AUDIO]

Retired Army Staff Sgt Travis Mills joins us in-studio! He is one of the few people who have survived losing all 4 limbs during a war. His story and heart will inspire you. Listen, check out his documentary below and visit TravisMills.org

Watch the full interview below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



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Kellie's Date with Tinder Bear [AUDIO]

Kellie went on her highly anticipated hot friday night date. But is it still considered a date if you never make it out to eat? You don’t want to miss hearing this. Check it out below!


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Good Scoop from former Bachelor Sean Lowe [AUDIO]

Bachelor Sean Lowe joins the show in-studio! We asked his thoughts about the current season of “The Bachelor” and he has a new book called For the Right Reasons



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Kellie Has Met Her "Tinder Bear" Before! [AUDIO]

Kellie remembered that she met her “tinder bear” at a concert five years ago. They had exchanged numbers but never called one another. Listen to the entire story below!


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Kevin Hart Calls the Show [AUDIO]

Kevin Hart joins the show! He’s making history with the biggest world comedy tour. In addition to the “What Now Tour,” Kevin will be Justin Bieber’s Roast master. Will he go easy on him? 

Also, watch Justin Bieber get egged for Comedy Central Roast!


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Kellie Meets Her "Tinder Bear" [AUDIO]

Kellie is trying hard to hold in her giddiness but she feels very positive about her first date. How did it go? And will there be a second date? Listen to find out all the details below!


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Kellie's Lunch Date Day [AUDIO]

Kellie Rasberry has been talking a lot with her “tinderoni” but Big Al Mack and J-Si think she needs to slow down. Emma Kelly even calls in with her two cents.


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