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Dr Phil's surprise visit to the LA house

We’re in LA on our 2013 Family Vacation and Dr. Phil unexpectedly stops by our Beverly Hills mansion to tell us the neighbors are not happy with how loud we are!

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DELIRIOUS: Justin Bieber fans think it's "OK" that he punched his own Grandma...

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DELIRIOUS: Justin Bieber fans think it's "OK" that he punched his own Grandma

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Umm WHAT?: 25 Bike Cops Catch Couple Doing The Nasty

Not the sexiest sex scene ever.... lol
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Tour of the Beverly Hills Mansion We're Staying In

J-Si walks you through our "crib" for our 2013 Family Vacation in Beverly Hills

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Kellie and Jenna shopping in Hollywood [VIDEO]

Kellie and Jenna hit the streets to do a little shopping. See what happens as they soak up the California sun, and set out to put some miles on the credit card!

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Big Al saves Kidd's life!

Last night while Kidd was cooking dinner, Big Al saved Kidd’s life! Watch to find out how Big Al is Kidd’s hero!

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Succeed or Flop? - One Direction Movie [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

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Breast Milk Ice Cream... Would you try it? [VIDEO]

hmmm YAY or NAY?
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Check out where we're staying for our Hollywood Family Vacation [PICS]

All week, we’re live from Hollywood, CA for the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Family Vacation! Can we survive a whole week together in one house? See pictures of where we’re staying!

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