Lash curling should be a sport

The Lookout 02-15-18 Every makeup artist that I follow on Instagram and YouTube always talk about eyelash curlers. They swear by them. My best friend uses her eyelash curler every single time she applies makeup. I don’t get the appeal though. I swear I cannot tell the difference between when I use...
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TPOT BLOG: Something New! "The Look Out" is Coming

I spend a LOT of time looking at makeup tutorial videos and finding new products and I am so excited I get to share some of my favorite things with YOU now! Thanks to MetroPCS, each Thursday afternoon between 3-5pm, you'll hear me give you something I've been on the "look out" for. Usually a new...
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Part-Time Justin's Make Up Tutorial

A funny tutorial video on how to get a flawless face in under $40! Check out “Lifestyles with Justin” below. Video of Justin's Makeup Tutorial
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