VIDEO: The Chainsmokers Backstage

Jenna and Elena checked in with The Chainsmokers about working with Kanye and Christmas music after their show in Dallas. Video of Backstage with The Chainsmokers at Jingle Ball 2016! | KiddNation
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Jenna is Engaged!

Jenna shocked us all by announcing her engagement at the show Christmas party that she and her long-time boyfriend, Alex, are engaged!!! But wait -- if you've been listening recently, she wasn't even dating anyone, right? Well, yes and no. Listen to the clip for all the info, but the summary is...
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Jenna & J-Si Just Got A Lot Closer

Kinsey freaked out after she discovered that J-Si had used THIS because #JennaUsedItFirst… Find out what that is! Warning – Ewww.
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Jenna Stinks!

Big Al’s new game results in Jenna’s embarrassment… Kellie does not approve. What did you do this weekend? Video of Who Did What This Weekend?
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