Caroline Kraddick

Caroline Kraddick Catfished?

Caroline Kraddick was suspicious of this “millionaire” that was hitting on her via Snapchat and after some thorough investigating, she realized that she was nearly catfished. Video of Caroline got Catfished!
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Snapchat Bachelor: Real Housewife Tags

We had the first round of eliminations with Caroline Kraddick for The Snapchat Bachelor! The ladies trying to win Mitchell’s heart try out their best taglines! Follow @thesnapbach on Snapchat too! Video of The Snapchat Bachelor - Contestant Taglines
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Kellie Ruins Caroline’s Special Moment

Caroline Kraddick couldn’t wait to share the news about something her favorite celebrity said about HER, but Kellie had to ruin her big moment. Video of Andy Cohen Loves Caroline!
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