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Speedy Gonzalez! Yes, that's his name. Ok, Gonzalez is his real name. There is a chance his real first name might be Eddie. Whatever. We call him Speedy!

You might remember Speedy from the years he spent at B97 before he spent a couple of years over in "Laffy" (or Lafayette as the rest of us say)...but home is home. So now Speedy is not only back in New Orleans, but back on B97!

You can find Speedy on B97 pretty much every day, like not kidding, he's here all the time. It's wierd. You can also sometimes spot Speedy spinning at clubs at special events around the city. If not, you might find him closer to home in Metairie with his 3 (THREE!?!?!!!) sons and his wife Brandy.

Check him out weeknights for really great new music, the Hot 8 @ 8 Countdown and plenty of chances for you to get on the radio too!


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