All the Hits - B97
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Now there's ANOTHER B97...only on HD Radio - it's B97 HD2 THE BEAT!

97.1 HD2 - THE BEAT!

The Beat at 97.1 HD2

Party songs...dance music...only the fun stuff from the 80's, 90's and today - 24 hours a day on B97 HD 2 - THE BEAT!

You've probably heard about HD Radio a lot, but what is it?  The coolest part are the new radio stations "in between the stations" that you listen to now and the only way to access them is with an HD Radio.  That's it - you just need a new radio!

So it's a totally new station?  How do I tune it in?
You just gotta get your HD Radio™!  Then it's free to rock out as much as you want!  No subsription fees or stuff like that.  When you have a HD Radio, you tune in B97 at 97.1 like normal...then there's actually a 97.1(2) and that's THE BEAT!

What songs do you play on B97 HD 2 The Beat?

Hit songs from artists like Lady Gaga, Usher, Ke$ha and Pink.  Your old favorite party songs from artists like Janet Jackson, Shaggy, Duran Duran, Montell Jordan and George Michael.  Dance songs from artists like Rozalla, Kristinia Debarge and Cascada.  Plus some funky old school stuff and songs you might have forgotten how much you love!

Does the regular B97 that I listen to now sound different?
You can still tune into All the Hits at B97 like you always have - the music won't change, but with your new HD Radio - the quality is just like a CD!  The new "bonus radio station," The Beat, also is in CD quality!  But again, you can only hear The Beat with a HD Radio.

What else is different with an HD Radio?
The main thing is that you get this totally new station, The Beat...
But you also a better sounding version of the B97
you listen to now!
You get all the song info right there on the radio screen
And you can set it up for iTunes tagging (which means if you like the song, you click a button and then the next time you go to iTunes...it'll give you the option to buy it).

How much is an HD Radio?
They start around $50

More info on how to upgrade your radio at http://www.hdradio.com


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