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Bad Lip Reading, NFL-Style
Here's a little bit of NFL coverage that has nothing to do with deflated balls. And isn't that refreshing? The folks at Bad Lip Reading have taken footage from the 2014/2015 season, and dubbed their own reads onto them. Flat out...
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East Versus West in Commercials Too
Another Super Bowl ad "leaked" onto the internet yesterday, this one for Carl's Jr, a fast food chain located mostly in the western part of the United States. So, the ad will be aired only in the western region of the US. It's a bit racy,...
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Breaking Bad, Airborne
A six-propeller drone aircraft crashed into a supermarket parking lot right on the Mexico-California this week. Okay, so accidents happen, right? This was no ordinary drone. It was a delivery drone. Still no big deal, right? I mean,...
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Will Ferrell Knocks a Cheerleader Off Her Feet
Not a headline you'd normally associate with Will Ferrell, right? Not to worry, it was all for a movie. Will was in New Orleans, taping a scene for his new movie, Daddy's Home, during half-time at a Pelicans/ Lakers game. A couple of...
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The Show Must Go On, Unless...
Idina Menzel - better known to John Travolta as Adele Dazeem - will be taking a week off from her Broadway play, "If/Then." And the play will shut down while she's gone. Why? So she can prepare for her appearance at the Super Bowl to sing...
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"Do What We Need to Do, and Then, We Get to Live"
There's another big Sunday looming in your future. If you're a Walking Dead fan, that is. On February 8, a week after the Big Game, the dead and the living and some in between return for Season 5. In case you haven't seen it,...
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Will Ferrell Drills Cheerleader With Basketball In New Orleans! [VIDEO]
Old People Play GTA For The First Time [Video]
This is awesome!
Maybe the NFL Should Check Its Instagrams
This may be one of the most untimely yet timely Instagram posts ever. On the day after the NFC and AFC Championships were decided, the National Football League posted a behind-the-scenes picture of some Super Bowl footballs in the process of...
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Oh Say Can You SNAP!
One of the funnier moments in Tuesday's State of the Union Address is when President Obama was talking about his agenda for the next two years. "I have no more campaigns to run," he said as a prelude to the discussion. That was greeted with...
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Red Velvet Oreos Are On the Way!
The snack-eating world is going a little ga-ga over a new addition to Nabisco's line of Oreos. Ladies and gentlemen, the Red Velvet Oreo will be available, on a limited basis, mind you, starting in February. Nabisco says it took about 18 months...
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Not Your Typical Victoria's Secret Ad
The Super Bowl ads are leaking early this year. This one's particularly timely, and will certainly lead to all sorts of Deflategate commentary too. Victoria's Secret models, suited up to play some football. And unlike other VS...
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Chikungunya Gonna Get Ya
Lindsay Lohan's got it. The Chikungunya virus, that is. It's carried by mosquitos, and apparently she picked it up on a recent trip to Bora Bora. The New York Daily News reports that she's now in a London hospital, being treated for the...
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He Had a Dream... of Seeing Orcas
Rich German's a paddle boarder in Laguna Beach, California. He's been paddling his board in the Pacific for years, and he says he's witnessed a bunch of marine life. But he's always dreamed, he says, of seeing killer whales up...
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The Walking Dead: Season 5 "Another Day" (Trailer)
Next-Level: Microsoft Introduces Windows Holographic!
Take my MONEY!
Red Velvet Oreos Are Coming . . . The First New Cookie Color in 11 Years!
The new red velvet Oreos are almost as good as the real thing - seems YUMMERS enough to try http://t.co/6xk7gODM7K | #Oreos #RedVelvet— Tina (@tina_josef) January 21, 2015
How To Make Money Off Instagram [Video]
Who's down?
Bubbleville versus Bubbaville
There's a new us-against-them philosophy out there, courtesy of former Arkansas governor and Fox News host, Mike Huckabee. He appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other night to talk about his new book, "God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,"...
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Drag Race Heard 'Round the World?
Okay, that might sound a little dramatic, but on Sunday, an electric-powered car beat a gas-powered car in a quarter-mile drag race. The Tesla P85D versus the Dodge Challenger Hellcat at Palm Beach International Raceway. The Tesla has 691...
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Shake It Officer
A patrol officer named Jeff Davis with the Dover Police Department in Delaware used his dashboard camera to tape himself lip synching to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." The department said it found the video while reviewing dashcam footage, and...
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It's the Talk of the Sports World
Deflategate has taken over the sports world. Heck, it's taken over the entire world, it seems. It's on sports talk shows. It's on regular talk shows. It's the topic of the week around the water cooler. Everyone's talking...
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Haven't All the Jokes Been Done Already?
Comedy Central made it official. They are planning to roast Justin Bieber early in March. No, really... It's something The Biebs says he's wanted for years. He's not even 21 years old. He hasn't even wanted to shave that...
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A Comic Civil War is Coming
It seems like half the movies released in any given month are comic-based. Now there's word that Robert Downey Jr. has signed on to appear as Iron Man in Captain Amerca 3, and that could be the springboard to a new Civil War movie, which pits Iron...
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A 90-Second Trick in the Shower Can Help Wake You Up [Video]
Im gonna try this!!! Who's with me?
A Girl Falls Out of a Moving Car While Twerking [Video]
I blame Miley Cyrus for this..... HAHA
There Are Fans, and Then There Are FANS!
On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks pulled off an amazing come-from-behind win to defeat the Green Bay Packers in overtime, sending the Packers home, and sending themselves to the Super Bowl. Naturally, the Seahawks celebrated winning the NFC...
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Your 5-Year-Old Missed My Kid's Party - Here's Your Bill
This could perhaps be the most ridiculous story ever. Alex Nash is a 5-year-old living in Torpoint, England. He was invited to a friend's birthday party near Christmas, and at first agreed to go. Then, they realized that Alex would be visiting...
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Bieber's Kleins Targeted
Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon is making quite a name for herself as an impersonator. One of her best impressions is of Justin Bieber. And this week, she took a full-on shot at The Biebs with a dead-on parody of his Calvin Klein underwear...
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Liam Neeson's Guns Taken
Here's an interesting twist. Liam Neeson - the star of the Taken franchise, arguably one of the most violent group of films out there in recent memory - doesn't like guns. Specifically, he doesn't like the proliferation of guns in the...
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Good Job Executing
Russell Westbrook, a point guard for the Oklahoma Thunder, had a career day over the weekend as his team beat the Golden State Warriors. Russell picked up a triple double with 17 points, 17 assists and 15 rebounds. Afterwards, reporters descended...
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Now It's Deflategate
Seems like the New Enlgand Patriots can't win without some sort of controversy swirling around the victory. A week ago, Baltimore Ravens' head coach accused the Patriots of using illegal formations to win. They weren't illegal, but there...
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Slip Sliding Away
A major portion of the northeastern United States yesterday turned into an ice rink for a bit. Thanks to a thing known as freezing rain, liquid precipitation falling from the sky hit the frozen ground and turned to ice. Road crews weren't ready...
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Jon Stewart's Low Down on the Sunshine State
Comedy Central's Daily Show deals with the news in a most satirical fashion. Last week, Jon Stewart talked about Florida's addition to the list of states that will allow same-sex marriage, and the in-state opposition to it. You've got...
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Indominus Rex
The folks at moviepilot.com have gotten their hands on some early artwork showing pictures of the genetically-engineered dinosaur that will terrorize Jurassic World later this year. It's called Indominus Rex - or D-Rex for short. I guess I-Rex...
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DeNiro versus DiCaprio?
Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio bump into each other in the lobby of a casino in Macau. They realize they're both there to audition for the same part in a new Martin Scorcese film. Things get tense. More so when Scorcese greets them. Now...
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The Moon is What?
QVC isn't necessarily known - okay, it's not known at all - for its scientific discussions. That didn't stop a QVC host arguing with a fashion designer about just what the moon is - a planet, a star, or something else entirely. It...
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So It's Got To Be Fake Beer, Right?
The E! Network runs Total Divas - an off-shoot of the WWE, featuring their female wrestlers in a reality series of sorts. Last night, the show featured a game of beer pong between real-life boyfriend-girlfriend pair John Cena and Nikki Bella. Nikki...
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Boy Meets World Meets Twitter
Ben Savage caused a flutter in the Twitterverse on Wednesday. He tweeted a picture from the set of Girl Meets World - the Disney Channel's follow-up to Boy Meets World. As the show enters its second season, Ben wanted to let the world know that...
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Fall on Down!
This is just too funny not to share. George Gray, the announcer for The Price is Right, was announcing a new showcase that included an off-road motorcycle, a cooking range, and a treadmill. As the curtain opened, George was trotting backward on the...
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50 Shades of Ellen
50 Shades of Grey will be one of the most-parodied films of 2015. You can bet on that. In fact, they've started already. Ellen DeGeneres got a head start on all the parodies, casting herself in the Dakota Johnson role, and running this promo...
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The Mash-Up of All Mash-Ups
I just stumbled on this one, but it's epic. What happens when you take the Bee Gees singing "Stayin' Alive" from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and mix in some famous guitar licks from AC/DC's "Back in Black?" You've got...
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And the Oscar Goes to... Dick Poop?
It was a simple mistake. During yesterday's announcement of Oscar nominations, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences president Cheryl Boone Isaacs was listing the nominees for achievements in cinematography. When she was naming "Dick Pope,"...
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Can It Get More Annoying?
The folks at Expedia took a poll, and came up with a list of the five most annoying types of airline passengers. If you've traveled in a plane, you've undoubtedly run into them. Some of them anyway. Jimmy Kimmel was going to just read...
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Your Girlfriend's a Trained What?
This is one of the more bizarre stories to come out of NASCAR in a long time. Driver Kurt Busch appeared in court this week and testified that his girlfriend, who had filed for a protective order against him, was a trained assassin. He claims that...
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GROSS! Dude Pees In Washing Machine At Laundromat! [Video]
WTH is wrong with the youth... This is disgusting!
Dog Rides Bus By Herself To The Park [Video]
This is amazing to me!
Late Night Patriot Texts
During Saturday's playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens, Patriots' wide receiver Julian Edelman tossed a 51-yard touchdown pass to fellow wide receiver Danny Amendola. It was Julian's first pass and first...
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The Real Wedding Crashers
This may be one of the coolest music videos ever. Adam Levine and Maroon 5 wanted to shoot the video for their new song, "Sugar." David Dobkin, the director of the 2005 film Wedding Crashers, was in charge. So why not take a day and drive around...
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Hi Bob!
Legendary comedian Bob Newhart might have been as big a winner as Ohio State in Monday night's College Football Championship game. One of the referees bore a remarkable resemblance to Bob, and the Twitterverse noticed. Can't stop...
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