That Time Of The Month

Friday, March 10th



Speaking at period I've been talking to our nine year old about blacks her body so I mentioned something and that she was like. She appeared in at my house he didn't tell me. Says since you mentioned that he would you'd like teller about it I guess and so she was like I didn't know. So then like over the weekend and sit down and and now it's like Matty I needed it Aaron do this amendment Italy now and having their worst cramps wherein she's like. Just can't heart. And now and now she's excited. The air so I was like. Like. Now back in the brain 79 year old and just remember. What that whole time was like it's something that seems super duper exciting. You know and car but and when you're in your thirties and you've had it for years like. Can't wait a pie. Yeah I gotta say. If I've got supervisor. And I walk up to got them like. All right that you created a new race people and it OK and news planet okay. Let's go to let's make sure we got everything cover right what about OK in case there's food available. And took opposable thumbs that's a good idea I think they breed and and and eat at the same hole well I mean that's good per you know compact and you don't have all the space in the world. But that doesn't lead to choking possibilities and that. You're right okay he didn't experiment with the dolphins so we'll see how that works that we could evolve and later okay how did they reproduce. Oh that sounds fun Lahoud is the under the edge into the. To let them. The woman has to let. So the woman like once a month to put it yeah I know not until May be there at thirteen but still once a month they want. Yeah. Okay that's that's the major points up there I'm sorry I'm gonna have to doctor for the island now just that just sounds weird picnic the god of the other galaxy over there. I came up with a great when you won here know you're sticking with this and you're committed to this leader. I think you'd. OK it's not even that efficient in the backseat and K okay fine I'm still docking of Orange. I think that the galaxy.