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Important B97 News!

Hi Guys! You know B97 is all about the GIVE and NOT the take, right? So, remember, we'll never call and ask for donations or money -EVER! If someone says they're with B97 & looking for donations, rest assured it's not us. Reach out and let us know if some fool ever tries to fool you! :) Read More

LIST: This Year's Most Popular Baby Names

The Social Security Administration just released the list of the top baby names today. On the girl's list, for the second year in a row the top name was Emma. On the boy's list, a new name took over the top spot as Liam was number one. The Social Security Administration compiled the list based on... Read More

LISTEN: Selena Gomez Releases “Back To You”

Selena Gomez is back, and better than ever. The 25-year-old star released her first new single in nearly six months on Thursday (May 10). The track appears on the soundtrack for the second season of 13 Reasons Why . Selena is an executive producer of the popular Netflix series. Season two premieres... Read More
Cardi B performs at the 2018 Coachella Valley Arts and Festival

WATCH: Old People React to Cardi B's 'Invasion of Privacy'

The hottest hip-hop album of 2018 is out and each and every one of you is bangin' it. We're talking, of course, about Invasion of Privacy from Cardi B . RELATED: Listen to Every Track Off 'Invasion of Privacy' The 13-track debut from rap's reigning "it girl" is getting a ton of love! Just about... Read More