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Love My Ipsy and my Unlimited LTE from Metro Pcs

I wanna talk about one of my favorite subscriptions that I have right now. It’s my Ipsy Glam Bag subscription. Every month I get a new bag with 5 samples of beauty products based on my likes. It’s so awesome. Like getting a present in the mail every month. The best thing is I can go to my app right... Read More

Enjoy The Sun

Yaaaassssss spring and the sun!!! But you always gotta make sure you’re protected when you’re outside in the sun. With big events like French Quarter Fest and Jazzfest, being outside in the sun is what April is all about. Soaking up all that vitamin d can wreak havoc on your skin tho. I’ve been... Read More

Cardi B: Best Moments as Tonight Show Co-Host [VIDEOS]

Cardi B killed it, okuuuuuuuurt!!! She did the voices, she told jokes, she played games, she talked about the baby and she helped do interviews. And she did a live performance of "Money Bag" looking amazing. Cardi B is amazing! So in case you were out last night when the show was on... or let's be... Read More

Marc Jacobs Proposes at Chipotle

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is engaged...but WHERE he popped the question is the really surprising part. Chipotle??? I mean they do have good guacamole, but still. Rich people do some crazy s***! In a video posted on Instagram , Jacobs dropped to his knee at a fast-food restaurant in New York City... Read More

Cardi B to co-host 'Tonight Show' alongside Jimmy Fallon

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Cardi B isn't just going to sing during her upcoming appearance on "The Tonight Show" — she'll also be asking questions. The hip-hop star will co-host the April 9 show with Jimmy Fallon. Cardi B is set to perform and promote her debut album, "Invasion of Privacy." It will be... Read More

Jay Z Cried with Joy when Mom Came Out to him as Lesbian

NEW YORK (AP) — Jay Z says he cried with joy when his mother came out to him as lesbian. In the April 6 episode of "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman" on Netflix, Jay Z says he was happy his mother was free. The rap mogul says he'd known his mother was gay, but they discussed... Read More

Clean without slowly decreasing your lung function!!

It’s spring cleaning time!!! I read this article on a while ago about how your cleaning products might be killing you. Whaaaaaat?????? Well if you’re nervous about that like I am you are looking for something that won’t decrease your lung function. Ok I realize I’m a... Read More

Spring Cleaning Brings Changes!

I don’t know many people who will say, “This is my favorite drill!” LOL but I have a favorite drill. It’s my favorite cuz I have another bigger DeWalt drill. Anyway, my little Black and Decker drill is awesome if you have small projects. If you’re hanging curtains, replacing batteries in a child’s... Read More

The Foundation before your foundation

I can remember a time when I wore my foundation without a primer. It wasn’t that long ago. Truth be told, I didn’t always wear foundation. Now I understand I’m no longer 25 and the sun and having kids has done a number on my skin, so I need it. I started wearing it but wasn’t satisfied with how it... Read More

The Stroke Of A Brush

The stroke of a brush If you use brushes to apply your makeup, you know it’s just as important to have good brushes as it is to have good makeup. A great brush can make the application soooo easy. But you don’t always have to have the super expensive brushes tho. I have a mix of expensive brushes... Read More