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You Can Now Get A Sushi King Cake In New Orleans (PIC)

You may have heard of king cake rolls, but this is no ordinary roll, as a matter of fact this isn't a roll at all it's a king cake...a sushi king cake. You can only get the 'sushi king cake' at Rock N Sake in New Orleans/ Metaire. Rock N Sake Bar... Read More

Twitter Is Going Crazy Over Sean Payton's New Glasses

Is it me or is Sean Payton's glasses getting bigger and bigger every year? Did you catch Coach Sean Payton sporting his new clear-rimmed glasses? Well, the people of twitter did and they had some jokes. Sean Payton wearing glasses issued to Magneto in that all plastic jail cell. pic.twitter.com/... Read More

Lady Returns Christmas Tree To Costco After Christmas (PIC)

"You cant make this stuff up" Scott Bentley said in his Facebook post after some lady returned her Christmas tree to Costco on January 5th. She told the cashier that the "tree was dead." LOL!! Well Duh!!! Crazy thing is she got the refund. WOW!! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d... Read More

New Song Alert: "Sean Payton" By Shamarr Allen ft. DJ DNA. (VIDEO)

This song is so good, but what makes it great is when you put the 'Sean Payton' song behind the video of Sean Payton dancing in the locker room. It actually makes me want to do Sean Payton's moves.. What is that dance anyway?? It looks like Sean is doing the lawnmower. Here is the link to the FREE... Read More

You Can Get Gas Delivered To Your Car. (VIDEO)

Is this laziness or just the way of the future? I think getting gas delivered to your car or house is awesome. It cuts out the middle man and the price will be the same. So why not. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d... Read More

Taco Bell Is Now Selling Fries For a $1

Get ready for nacho fries to invade Taco Bell on January 25th. Taco Bell is planning to roll out $1 nacho fries — with a side of cheese sauce https://t.co/18cWixBVxe pic.twitter.com/oDtXOPOuOg — CNN (@CNN) January 4, 2018 Read More