Hooters Is Giving Out Free Wings To Single People On Valentines Day But Under One Condition

February 7, 2018

Hooters is making Valentines Day great again for single people by giving away free winds, BUT under one condition. 

You have to shred up a pic of your ex. Not a problem. 

Keep Calm it's Wingsday Wednesday -- [--: @sasmitaedo>

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Here are the conditions according to

The offer is only valid on Valentine’s Day, you can only order boneless wings, and no matter how many photos of exes you have that you may still want to rip up into tiny little pieces in the name of free chicken, the offer is only valid for one order per person.

Even better... if you can't make it on Singles day you can go to and up load the pic and get a coupon for free wings. CLICK HERE. 


So there you go. Happy Singles day to you, now go get thoes free wings.