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Kellie and Allen are married and the reception was so much fun! Here's a little peek inside with these videos... Cutest reaction ever - her daughter caught the bouquet!!! :) (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s);... Read More

Big Al’s Wedding Gift To Kellie

He’s been talking about it for months but today Kellie and Allen’s wedding gift was finally revealed! Was it a hit or a bust? Video of Al's Wedding Gift to Kellie and Allen Read More

Weatherman Blown Away

This weatherman got the weather he was forecasting and almost got blown away on live TV. But no worries, his man-bun was okay! Video of Weatherman gets (almost) blown away on Irish TV Read More

Big Al and Dr Girlfriend Break-Up

Dr. Girlfriend joins us in Miami and it’s not the reunion that we were expecting… unless you were expecting tears and a breakup. Video of Big Al and Dr. Girlfriend Call It Quits Read More

Part-Time Justin Hits on Jenna & Splits His Romper

During the family vacation in Miami, Justin is working it hard. Picking up on Jenna and her "groceries" and working his moves so much he split his RompHim ...luckily it's caught on video. Video of Part-Time Justin talks about Jenna's "Groceries" Video of Justin Ripped his... Read More

VIDEO: Part-Time Justin Gets a Spray Tan

Have you been watching KiddTV and wondering why are Part-Time Justin’s hands dirty/orange-colored?… Well, Jenna treated him to a spray tan while we’re in Miami! Video of Part-Time Justin Gets A Spray Tan! Read More

Can Big Al Open Wine With a Shoe?

Big Al Mack always finds a way to work in a bar plug during the show. He brought a couple of wine bottles into the studio to celebrate National Wine Day… But they can’t be opened. Watch Big Al demonstrate this lifehack. It’s a clever way to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew! (function(d, s, id... Read More

LISTEN: We're Dying Over Harry Styles' "Sweet Creature"

The lyrics say: "When I run out of road... You bring me home" --- we may be in love! Harry released his latest single...then said in his Tweet that he's "available always" --- ok, for sure in love! Sweet Creature is available now. Album is available in ten days. I am available always. Love you. H... Read More