Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Blogs

Q&A with J-Si

When J-Si returned from having the flu, he hung out after the show to do a Facebook Live Q&A. So what is his favorite tattoo? And more on his family's adoption story. Check it out... Read More

Jordan Fisher in the Studio

Join us for the B-Dubs Music Hangout with Jordan Fisher! He talks about ballroom dancing (and bonus- he gives us some tips!). Plus, he also discusses his success with Hamilton and why you should go see the show! Video of Dancing with Jordan Fisher! Read More

BIG AL'S BLOG: Sad Day as The MAT Closes

Business is HARD! Sure, it can be fun, rewarding, and if you are lucky, it can even be profitable. But sometimes it can be challenging, difficult, and just down right hard! But like they say, if it was easy, everybody would do it. I have been fortunate enough to have been the owner of a few... Read More

Big Al’s Expensive Trip To The Movies

Big Al couldn’t find a date to go with him so he went solo to the Black Panther movie… He still managed to pay a lot of money for a movie that he didn’t even see. Video of Big Al's Expensive Movie Outing Read More

Roasting Part-Time Justin

Justin got us before and now, it’s our turn! We get to roast Part-Time Justin and we got some help from the meanest guy in our office, Trey! Video of The Cast Roasts Justin Read More

Andy Grammer Live on Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

In case you missed it - check out this B-Dubs Music Hangout with Andy Grammer. He performs for us in studio, talks about being a new dad and his new album! Video of The Andy Grammy's Video of Andy Grammer - "Smoke Clears" (Live) Video of Andy Grammer's Birthday... Read More

Part-Time Justin Can't Do Math

We were doing a show recap video and because of our #tbt bit from 2000, Big Al asked Part-Time Justin how old he was then… That was apparently a tricky question for him. He busted out a chalkboard and still got the answer wrong! Read More