Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Blogs

J-Si Broke The World Record

J-Si said that he could beat the current record for walking the farthest on LEGO… barefoot. LEGOLAND Discovery Center built him a walkway filled with more than 2 million LEGO bricks that was 168ft 5in long! See how it all went down… Video of World Record Lego Walk - 168ft 5in! J-Si beat Dude... Read More

Should Big Al and Jenna Date?

A KiddNation member texted the show to let us know that they thought there was a love match that we are missing! Listen to find out who they think should be hooking up, and why this suggestion made Kellie Rasberry mad! Read More

Jenna Got Quite the Date Offer

Someone that Jenna has talked to in the past asked if they could meet up while he was in town… And he asked for a lot more than that too. Video of The Reason Jenna Ghosted A Guy Read More

Big Al’s Drunken Confession

After drinking a bottle of wine, Big Al started texting with the ex and a lot of truth came out… But should he have gone there? A lot of us think… I wouldn’t have told that. What do you think? Video of Big Al's Drunken Confession Read More

Demi Lovato’s Mom In Studio

Demi Lovato’s mom Dianna De La Garza joined us in studio to talk about her new book, Falling with Wings: A Mother’s Story… and guess which morning show gets a shout-out in it?! Plus, we’ve always bragged about that time that young Demi came to the studio and sang for us… Now you can hear it! Video... Read More

In Real Life Covers "Havana" (VIDEO)

The new boy band, In Real Life stopped by to see the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. Check out their cover of Camila Cabello’s “Havana” below! Video of In Real Life - "Havana" (Song Cover) Video of Does In Real Life Approve of Justin's Tattoo? Video of In Real Life - &... Read More

Kellie and Allen Bought a House and a Business! (PODCAST)

It's been a whirlwind week for Kellie and Allen! They've decided to buy a house and they have to put their house on the market in less than a week! The nerves just might be getting the best of one of them! Of course, they HAVE to talk about "The Bachelor" drama. Who knew Allen was this passionate... Read More

Feel Good Friday: Mom Sees Sons Freckles for 1st Time

Courtney Crawford joined the show to share her feel good Friday… She was diagnosed with Stargardt disease making her legally blind. Courtney got to demo some eSight eyewear and she broke into tears because she was able to see her youngest child and husband for the first time in over five years. If... Read More