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What am I listening to today?

If you listen on Wednesdays after 6pm you know I have a feature called Tpot Chases Away The Audience.  It's pretty much stuff I really like that we don't play.  Well my musical taste goes past all that as well.  My car is my spot where I listen to whatever inspires me.  It sets the tone for my day.  Today I listened to Gil Scott Heron.  I discovered him after his death and I LOVE him.  There's a lot of poetry on the album that I have.  The Album is called "I'm New Here" and it's awesome. 

My favorite poem on there is called Your Soul And Mine.  Here are the words:

Standing in the ruins of another black man's life
Or flying through the valley separating day and night
"I am death!" cried the vulture for the people of the light
Karon brought his raft from the sea that sails on souls
And saw the scavenger departing, taking warm hearts to the cold

He knew the ghetto was a haven for the meanest preacher ever known
In the wilderness of heartbreak and a desert of despair
Evil's clarion of justice shrieks a cry of naked terror
Taking babies from their mamas, leaving grief beyond compare
So if you see the vulture coming, flying circles in your mind
Remember there is no escaping for he will follow close behind
Only promise me a battle, battle for your soul and mine
And mine

Deep! Here's a pic of Gil at one of his last shows.
Image used with creative commons

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01/28/2013 2:16PM
What am I listening to today?
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