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WHITE FACE: Nick Cannon Paints Himself White For His New Album. [PIC]

OFFENSIVE... or Nahhhh


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03/25/2014 5:24PM
WHITE FACE: Nick Cannon Paints Himself White For His New Album. [PIC]
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03/25/2014 10:07PM
If a white person would paint their face black and name their CD black party music they would be racist. How is this any different? I think this is very offensive!
03/25/2014 10:18PM
only white people can be racist
Well in response I'm saying white power...
03/25/2014 10:31PM
Black people can do this and it's not racist. But if a white person does it OH HELL NAWWW! I WANT COMPENSATION THAT GAVE ME EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL TRAMA IM GONNA SUE DIS PERSON.
03/25/2014 10:52PM
Double Standard
I still remember when Ted Danson was with Whoopie Goldberg and with her blessing did himself up in black face. Oh the hell he took from that!!!
03/25/2014 11:18PM
whatever get over it
White ppl are always gonna make black jokes n sterotypical jokes n black ppl will always make white jokes. Get over it. All the white ppl on here if u mad u probably are one of those racist white ppl youbare defending otherewise you wouldn't even care
03/26/2014 7:50AM
racist...no matter what color
I find it offensive for anyone to portray themselves as another race. I don't look at it as a black/white issue, cause if a white person colors themself brown and puts on a turbin and jokes that they are Muslim, then i feel it is racist. People need to stop and just be themselves, not someone your not.
03/26/2014 8:40AM
double standard
It is what it is, there is a double standard when it comes to racism, people should be used to it by now
03/26/2014 10:33AM
That makeup is amazing
03/26/2014 11:26PM
our turn
white ppi have been doing this for years.....this is just funny.
03/26/2014 11:57PM
From a black p.o.v.
This is pretty racist to me. If white people can't do it then neither can we. It goes both ways people come on.
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