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Corey B


WHAT?!: Justin Bieber is Gonna Be In Fast & Furious 7? [Official Trailer]

Ok fine... maybe not but still... do you think the Biebs would be able to act?

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07/02/2013 5:03PM
WHAT?!: Justin Bieber is Gonna Be In Fast & Furious 7? [Official Trailer]
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12/03/2013 6:05PM
oh hell no
i fucking hate him plus that is a good series and it would be all ruined if he was to act in it!!!!!!!!
12/03/2013 6:21PM
hell no
I don't like him , plus its not same paul walker its unique so no way, in that case i preffer justin timberleke its much better than justin biber so hell nooo! he gonna be ruined the movie if hi act
12/03/2013 6:55PM
No no no
Justin bieber would ruin the thing!!! If he was in it what's that point! No way should be in it!! No no no
12/03/2013 6:57PM
It's all over if he's in it!!
Don't put him in it!!!!! What would u think about putting him in it like no
12/04/2013 9:38PM
Yes yes yes
It would be amazing if he's in it I love him, it would make me want to watch it even more
12/06/2013 8:12PM
putting him In the series will be a big mistake i will be mad if he gets put in the movie
12/07/2013 2:55PM
no. jst no.
Iwud kill him. since hell kill the movie.
12/08/2013 12:53AM
Hell to the fucking no
Justin biber will kill the fucking movie. He can't act worth anything!!!
12/08/2013 4:27PM
Nobody can replace Paul Walker
Nobody not beiber not anybody. Paul is irreplaceable paul is Brian thats that. If a replacement brain comes imto fast n the Furious im done w the movie no matter who it is.
12/09/2013 3:58PM
If universal studio and F-F/Family replace paul walker!!!!
If universal studio replace Paul Walker to Justin gay-bieber many people would stop watching it because no one can replace Walker!!!!And no one likes that beavershit
12/15/2013 10:23AM
That aint even te trailer thats fake parts added from fast 6 & justins music videos plus the movie would be horrible with justin in it
12/15/2013 5:20PM
To respect n represent paul walker
They should stop the making fast n the furious out of respect for paul walker n to properly represent him as a main character brian oconner. R.I.P P. W.
12/27/2013 11:58AM
no no no
I absolutely hate him. And anyway paul walker's brother cody is taking his part cus hes the stjnt dode anyway xx
12/31/2013 8:01PM
09/13/2014 9:40PM
He would make me watch it all the time i would love it if they did put him on it ! Hes amazing
05/01/2015 6:30AM
What the hell,Producers please don't ruin this movie for the world
This is the worst decision any producer will ever make. Justin Bieber will match up in Disney movie etc... not hardcore manly movies like this. I will not watch this is the rumors are that of truth
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