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WHAT?!: Justin Bieber is Gonna Be In Fast & Furious 7? [Official Trailer]

Ok fine... maybe not but still... do you think the Biebs would be able to act?

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07/02/2013 5:03PM
WHAT?!: Justin Bieber is Gonna Be In Fast & Furious 7? [Official Trailer]
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12/03/2013 6:05PM
oh hell no
i fucking hate him plus that is a good series and it would be all ruined if he was to act in it!!!!!!!!
12/03/2013 6:21PM
hell no
I don't like him , plus its not same paul walker its unique so no way, in that case i preffer justin timberleke its much better than justin biber so hell nooo! he gonna be ruined the movie if hi act
12/03/2013 6:55PM
No no no
Justin bieber would ruin the thing!!! If he was in it what's that point! No way should be in it!! No no no
12/03/2013 6:57PM
It's all over if he's in it!!
Don't put him in it!!!!! What would u think about putting him in it like no
12/04/2013 9:38PM
Yes yes yes
It would be amazing if he's in it I love him, it would make me want to watch it even more
12/06/2013 8:12PM
putting him In the series will be a big mistake i will be mad if he gets put in the movie
12/07/2013 2:55PM
no. jst no.
Iwud kill him. since hell kill the movie.
12/08/2013 12:53AM
Hell to the fucking no
Justin biber will kill the fucking movie. He can't act worth anything!!!
12/08/2013 4:27PM
Nobody can replace Paul Walker
Nobody not beiber not anybody. Paul is irreplaceable paul is Brian thats that. If a replacement brain comes imto fast n the Furious im done w the movie no matter who it is.
12/09/2013 3:58PM
If universal studio and F-F/Family replace paul walker!!!!
If universal studio replace Paul Walker to Justin gay-bieber many people would stop watching it because no one can replace Walker!!!!And no one likes that beavershit
12/15/2013 10:23AM
That aint even te trailer thats fake parts added from fast 6 & justins music videos plus the movie would be horrible with justin in it
12/15/2013 5:20PM
To respect n represent paul walker
They should stop the making fast n the furious out of respect for paul walker n to properly represent him as a main character brian oconner. R.I.P P. W.
12/27/2013 11:58AM
no no no
I absolutely hate him. And anyway paul walker's brother cody is taking his part cus hes the stjnt dode anyway xx
12/31/2013 8:01PM
09/13/2014 9:40PM
He would make me watch it all the time i would love it if they did put him on it ! Hes amazing
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