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UNREAL: Black Range Rover Runs Over Bikers In NYC [VIRAL VIDEO]

This is some GTA5 type stuff!

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10/01/2013 3:54PM
UNREAL: Black Range Rover Runs Over Bikers In NYC [VIRAL VIDEO]
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10/01/2013 6:51PM
Not taking up for the ranger driver but, the first time the bikes crowded the ranger they probly felt very unsafe and just tried to get away from the unsafe place
10/01/2013 8:31PM
Shoot that nigga!
10/01/2013 11:16PM
I woulda done the same thing especially if my family was in the car
10/02/2013 12:23AM
Crotchrocket idiots
The biker purposely did a "break check" to start a f'n fight with the guy in the Range Rover! When the guy stopped, he was bombarded by a bunch of ignorant a**holes on crotchrockets. I don't blame him, if my children were in the car, and my car were being attacked and I felt we were in danger, I would have ran over their ignorant a**es as well. #sorrynotsorry
10/02/2013 9:59AM
seriously efftards?
I hope all these crotch rocket dipshits go to prison. They got lucky, if it was my family in that range rover and they were doing that to me, I'd have flattened all of them.
10/02/2013 2:23PM
Why do some people have to be idiots?
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