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Tpot's Favorite Things!

Just like Oprah I have a few favorite things!  Get ready to wet yourself as you read what they all are. 10.  The Ipad 9.    Texting 8.    Fuzzy socks 7.    Air freshener 6.    Animals 5.    Angry birds 4.    Vanilla scented lotion 3.    The Corner Pocket 2.    Goodfriends (specifically Joel and Richie at Goodfriends) 1.    Slippers You're welcome LOL Oh and here's my ultimate favorite thing

01/24/2011 1:06PM
Tpot's Favorite Things!
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02/02/2011 1:54PM
Leave them alone...haven't we the people changed enough people and cultures !! What makes s Superior to Others. The Blacks wish they would have been left alone, The Indian's wish the same, and so on....Our Rain Forest are dissappering and to ge into thisarea (Rainforrest) which I'm sure we will cut down just like we have done in other area's to make way for Vacation Homes....Do we really need to distrub these people too ???? I don't think so !!!
02/19/2011 7:17AM
The Corner Pocket (1921) - Movie
The Corner Pocket (1921) - Movie... The Corner Pocket is a Comedy, Short Movie of 1921 made in USA. Director: Charley ChaseCast: 'Snub' Pollard, Marie Mosquini, Roy Brooks...
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