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The WHO DAT Nation is NOT alive in Dallas!!!!LOL

Just got back Monday Night from visiting family in Philadelphia over the SNOWY Christmas Weekend. I was very lucky to get a flight from Philly to Orlando then to New Orleans yesterday. I didn't realize it until I start asking people around me including the flight attendants if they knew what the score was... The answer was..."For what"?! I was like "the Saints game duhh"!!.. The reply was "F**& them" I was SHOCKED.. I then realized that maybe 6 people on this flight were FROM New Orleans. The flight crew and passengers were all on the way to their homebase of......DALLAS!!! OHH SORRY you had to stop in New Orleans for 30 minutes!! On the way off the plane I was chanting WHO DAT, WHO DAT and telling them we'll see them in Feburary and to please keep an eye out for great hotel deals when we come to town for the Superbowl!! As a double HATER of Dallas (Grew up in Philly n for a total of 6 years live in New Orleans)! I wish them nothing but the worst:) WHO DAT BABY!!

12/28/2010 10:54AM
The WHO DAT Nation is NOT alive in Dallas!!!!LOL
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12/30/2010 8:11PM
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01/04/2011 11:09PM
I'm from the DFW area and I hate to say that lots of Dallas residents aren't very nice. On the other hand, I am a die hard SAINTS fan and would love to have fellow WHO DAT fans here Feb. 6!
01/24/2011 9:38AM
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