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The Grammy's....Not totally in touch??

OK so I get it... There are tons of artists and songs out there that we've never heard of! There are tons of bands and VERY TALENTED people who will never be on B97 and may never be on commercial radio. The awards last night showed that the Grammy's doesn't, and NEVER will be swayed by just what is popular on the radio, sales, and what's happenening right now. I have had countless people call today and ask me who the F*%$K is Esperanza Spalding?? But I do have to say "JUSTIN BIEBER" should have won best new artist.. You may disagree, and even curse at me.. BUT! When it comes to selling records (downloads), creating such a HUUUUUGE BUZZ, and getting people so passionate about music again.. I think the ACADEMY shot themselves in the foot! How many CD's will Justin sell and how many will Esperanza Spalding sell?? Plus the Academy Of Music loves talking smack about RADIO.. Well without RADIO there would be no more ACADEMY!! And really?? does Esperanza have a 3-D movie out??

02/14/2011 10:39AM
The Grammy's....Not totally in touch??
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