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Thank you for your support & love

07/28/2013 6:48AM
Thank you for your support & love
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07/28/2013 8:11AM
Radio will never be the same! I feel like I have lost a friend! Prayers for all his family, friends,and radio family!
07/28/2013 8:15AM
Prayers for Kidd's family and everyone on the show. He was a great guy and will be missed
07/28/2013 8:47AM
Rest in peace angel Kidd
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~From a headstone in Ireland 😭 Kidd you will truly be missed, mornings will never be the same, test in peace our sngel, prayers and condolences to family*
07/28/2013 11:57AM
I love the show have been listening for years. The crew is special and my prayers go out to the crew and his family and daughter. I would love to see the last video of his confessions but am unbale to view. I watch Dish Nation all the time unless I was tired and fell alseeep. I must have missed the confession KIdd did but I hope we will be able to see it soon.. The morning show and dish nation willnot ebe the same. I hope that his legacy continues with his shows in his honor he deserves it. It was his time to go home and it seems as he went fast, My aunt died of the same thing but hers was in her neck and she fell and was gone so fast, No pain just a nice death. No pain no nothing just quick, much love to all RIP Kidd you are already missed,
07/28/2013 2:06PM
You will be greatly missed. You were so giving and funny. I loved listening to you in the morning. Taken too soon! Rest in Peace
07/28/2013 2:25PM
I'm really in tears right now
This is so sad! I loved him! I will always be a b.97 fan but this is so tragic! Rip to him! He is in my prayers rip kid🙏
07/29/2013 8:49AM
A familiar voice
After Katrina for weeks all i could pick up on the radio where I was living was zydeco washboard music. one morning while scanning the radio I heard Kidd Kraddik in the morning. I started to cry because it was the first familiar voice I had heard in weeks filled with tragedy and confusion. May his voice live on.
07/29/2013 9:06AM
Rest in Paradise
i love you kidd, even tho i didn't know you , you touched my heart. you were an amazing person just by listening to you. i wish your family & caroline nothing but happiness and great memories. everyone will forever keep you in their hearts, bc i know i will & i will forever remember you. I told my 5 year old daughter yesterday, " mami remember the man we listen to in the morning" & she said " kidd?" "i was like yea him mami", then i explained to her that "you passed away" & she looked up in the sky & said " "mommy i will be sad but hes in heaven with angels & u kno jesus is going to love him too" she made me cry, but thats to show u how u not only were loved by adults also kids loved you.... rest in paradise Kidd.
07/29/2013 2:11PM
Still in so much shock
My heart is saddened by the sudden loss of such an iconic person !! I used to be in tears in my car from funny and sad moments. But mostly he brightened my morning, along with the rest of the morning crew !! My commute will never be the same !! Prayers to his family and to all his listeners who's lives he has touched !! Rest in peace Kidd ! You will forever be missed ! Glad to know the Lord will have his loving arms around you everyday !!
07/29/2013 10:36PM
To my DJ and Mentor
It has been a blessing to have you streaming into our Homes, our cars before work, and our hearts forever! I will strive to be a better person because of you. How lucky are we to have had the pleasure of getting to know such a wonderful man. I will cherish every memory I have of Kidd! I also want to say I just love the way he brought this radio family together. He saw something in each and everyone of them and helped us to see it too. It's a beautiful family and through this tragedy will hopefully make them stronger and closer than ever, because that's what Kidd would of wanted. What a legacy he has left us. Thank you so much, you and your voice and wisdom will be truely missed. WE LOVE YOU!
07/29/2013 10:57PM
To: Kellie
Be strong, We have you in our thoughts and prayers.
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