Rhonda Talks Kidd's Kids Day [AUDIO]

Kidd's Kids Day is tomorrow and Rhonda from Potluck, TX wanted to call in to show her support. You don't want to miss it… Check it out below and be sure to show your support for Kidd's Kids too!

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J-Si's Blog: Stay this little...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHLOE! What a difference a year makes. I know it sounds cliche, but time seriously does fly by so fast. It's different with a little girl. With Cason, I get excited as he gets bigger, because that's my little man. I miss him as a little baby, but it's not as devastating. How do I know this? Because last night I was sitting in our living room, once Chloe started winding down, listening to Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up", as I held her in my arms. She is normally all over the place, but at this moment, she was just laying, staring into my eyes, and she smiled. As much as I hate to admit this, I started to cry. It had to do with everything: the song, her birthday, and the smile she gave me. It wasn't ugly crying. Just tears. Half happy, half devastated. I just don't want her to get bigger. It's probably selfish of me, but this is the age where she needs me the most. Kinsey walked into the room, and in her Kinsey hilariousness asked, "why are you crying?!" I just looked up and smiled and said, "I have no idea." Then she continued with, "and why are you listening to Taylor Swift?" Fair enough. haha. I just felt like that song completely captured what I was feeling. I will guarantee this… I will never forget that moment with Chloe. I am sure more moments will fill my brain in the future, but this is one of the first.

Now to the, "my bad" moment of the weekend. I had taken Cason to a daddy/son lunch and was heading home when my wife called. Kinsey needed some swim diapers and a sound machine. It was perfect timing, because I was about to pass a Babies R Us. So I pulled into the parking lot, and Cason and I headed inside. We needed three things… but when we got in there, Cason ran off to the toy section. It was one of those stores that is connected to a Toys R Us, and he found the motorized car section. I always wanted one for myself, and he was having so much fun on it, that I decided to order him one. It's a cool Ninja Turtles off-road vehicle. I needed to get back on track, but that's when it happened… I saw the PS4 by the video game section. Something pulled me, and next thing I know, I am buying a PS4, two controllers, and Madden. I was supposed to just grab something quick, spend a few bucks, and get home. I ended up buying a dune buggy, a PS4 (with accessories), and candy. I did remember to pick up the diapers, but totally forgot the sound machine. I ended up regretting it because I hate to spend that much money, and Kinsey doesn't really understand how a trip out for some diapers turns into that… I told her it was my way of getting even for recording my angelic voice singing in the shower the other day.

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Kellie's Blog: Am I finally in???

I moved to my new neighborhood for one reason only. I wanted Emma Kelly to grow up in a neighborhood filled with kids.

I bought my last house three months before I found I was pregnant with her. The neighborhood felt very "transitional" to me. And by "transitional," I mean it felt like there were a lot of homes filled with old people who would soon be "transitioning" to a better place, leaving behind relics from the 70s with plenty of potential for those highly energized, motivated and fertile 30-somethings to fill with their granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

children_playing_revBut it turns out old people are living longer and those transitions were slow coming. So after giving it 8 years with no signs of any kids coming other than my own, I decided to move to a neighborhood with "Children Playing" signs posted on every corner and jungle gyms peeking out over backyard fences and its very own park at the end of the street.

But two months later, I really hadn't met any of my neighbors. It's nobody's fault. My house has had a steady stream of movers and painters and electricians and handymen, so it's not like anybody had much of a window to sneak in and say hi. And I feel kinda weird going door-to-door saying, "Hey, I'm your new neighbor. I thought you'd like to welcome me."

But it finally happened! Emma Kelly and I were invited to a weekend barbecue!! It was just for the neighbors who share our common alley, so it was ULTRA exclusive. I felt like part of a club! It was so exciting!! But to cover the fact that I was acting like the over-eager new kid finally being welcomed in, I maybe went a little too casual by showing up in my St. Patrick's Day "I'm going green" tee shirt that I got for $5 from Target (and that was the regular price!) and my jorts. But I showed up with two bottles of wine and some of my mama's Mexican corn casserole dip — which I have now discovered serves up better right out of the oven and not sitting on a counter for a couple hours.

And after Emma Kelly got over what's now become her ritual of planting her face in my butt and finding something to pout about for 20 minutes, she actually ended up having a good time playing with some of the neighborhood kids. And except for putting my foot in my mouth by assuming my female neighbor was a nurse and not a doctor — could I be any more sexist?!?! — I think things went pretty well. But how can I really be sure because I think I drank one of those bottles I brought all by myself….Now I just have to remember everybody's names. And I have to figure out how to start being best friends with everybody without seeming over-eager. Do you think promising Big Al would bring his food truck and new pizza oven to our next neighborhood party was too much? And I'm thinking about coming up with a cool name for all my newfound best friend alley neighbors and our ultra exclusive club. I'm thinking we can be the Alley Cats! And then I can make us all matching tee shirts, but in different colors to differentiate our families.

You think I need to pull back?

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Big Al's Blog: Labor day weekend in Mexico & Curtis Day!

Labor day weekend was big fun in Mexico. It was the 6 year anniversary for my bar in Playa del Carmen and lots of my friends came down to help celebrate. One girl did not have a very good time because she left her phone in the cab (she thinks) during the ride from the airport to the hotel. I have done that before so I can totally relate. She actually left Mexico early. I really didn't get that but that was her decision.

Then there was the whole "girlfriend is still mad at me because of the Jenna TV kiss that happened earlier in the week." It wasn't a huge deal (to me) so I didn't even mention it to her. But Friday was the first time that we really saw each other and the first 12 hours of our vacation was a bit "ICY." But we eventually, we got past it. Anyway, the first night, we really just hung out at my bar for a while but Saturday night was the big party. We had dinner catered in from one of the taco shops down the street. My manager there put a lot of time and effort into the party and it was great. We sang Karaoke there with my brand new Karaoke machine. Then the LIVE music took over to finish the party. The next morning, we all went on the ATV tour which is the most fun activity that I have ever done in Mexico. It's a group tour through the jungle that lasts about 2 hours.

beer-bucket-bikini-090214I'm always just a little scared when we do this because there is a bit of a danger element to it. I have seen people fall off the ATVs before or just wreck out and hurt themselves. But, we made it injury free and headed to my bar for beers.

It was a great weekend for getting together in a different country and celebrating and having fun.

Back here at home, today is CURTIS DAY! Curtis comes home today from obedience school. And from what I hear, he has passed with flying colors. But the not so great part is that his school is over 200 miles away! That means I will be getting on a plane today and flying to Houston. Then I will rent a car and I'll be driving 45 minutes to the school. Then, I have to be taught in, (hopefully) 90 minutes, everything that he has been taught over the last 5 weeks. THEN, I get to drive 4 hours back home, take the rental car to the rental car place here and then get a ride back to my house. EASY BREEZY Right? UGH. But, it's all for a greater good. No more barking and barking and chewing my glasses, pants, furniture, pillows and FLIP FLOPS! I think I will have a coming home party for Curtis at the bar on Thursday. Bring your doggies to my patio this Wednesday for the Big Curtis Comes Home Party! FREE DOG TREATS!

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Brangelina's Wedding Album - People Magazine Has It

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie said they wouldn’t get married until everyone could get married. But it looks like they relaxed that standard a little bit.

It’s old news now that they got married secretly in France a week or so ago. Now the news is that many of their wedding pictures can be seen in the latest edition of People Magazine.

All of their kids participated in the wedding, according to reports. Their two oldest sons walked mom down the aisle. Two of the girls tossed flower petals. And the other two children were ring bearers. Plus, Angelina had her dress designer sew artwork by the kids into her wedding veil.

Brad, who wore a suit out of his closet – why spring for a tuxedo, right? – but ended up having to borrow a tie from his son.

The magazine hits the newsstands tomorrow. So plan to spend a little extra time in the checkout line at the market, checking out the photos.

Meanwhile, you can check out this selection from Instagram, posted the day of the wedding.

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Carrie Underwood Goes to the Dogs

When some people let the world know they’re with child, they do it simply. A phone call to their parents, perhaps an announcement card in the mail, maybe even a simple email or Facebook message.

If you’re Carrie Underwood, that’s far too mundane.

The Queen of Country took to Twitter yesterday to announce that she and hubby Mike Fisher are expecting their first child in the spring of 2015.

And how did she do it?

By dressing up her two dogs in T-shirts that announced they were going to be a big brother and a big sister and posing with them. And they made the announcement in honor of “Labor” Day.

Get it? Because labor is the way pregnancy usually ends, while pushing the new child – in this case, sibling to a couple of canines – out into the world.
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Just Call Me Kendall

Kendall Jenner is no longer using her surname. She’s going simply by Kendall.

This isn’t anything new, she says. It’s just that the media picked up on it recently, that’s all.

She’s been simply Kendall for about a year now, to make things easier for her as she embarks on a modeling and acting career.

When she was burdened by the surname, it came with the Jenner-Kardashian baggage. “People didn’t want to take a chance on me,” she told Teen Vogue, “I think because I was sort of known.”

Not so much that she was known – just that she was known to be part of the Kardashian Klan.

Of course, she’s still Instagramming like a Kardashian…

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A Kim Trim

Kim Kardashian trimmed about three inches of her hair over the weekend.

Her fans are probably camped out near her mansion, hoping that the Santa Ana winds will blow a lock or two their way.

A treasured keepsake, for sure.

Someone’s going to have to explain to me why a Kardashian haircut qualifies as news.

Right after you explain to me why I’m writing this…

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Usher's Official Butt Check

Okay, we can admit it. Kim Kardashian’s rear bumper is probably her best asset.

It’s certainly helped her get where she is today – rich and famous for virtually no reason whatsoever.

Many people suggest that Kim’s had work done on her derriere – implants, perhaps.

Check out this funny and dizzying butt-checking moment that US Weekly on-line captured at last week's VMAs

Singer Usher definitely looks like he’s checking for unnatural resources.

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NudeStock? NuderGate? What Do We Call This?

The internet was buzzing all weekend with the news that nude photos of some top-shelf lady celebs existed and had been posted on-line.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton were two of the victims. According to all reports, their cell phones were hacked and the nude photos lifted from them.

Jennifer’s lawyers call it a “flagrant violation of privacy.” Kate’s lawyers concur, calling it an “outrageous violation of privacy.”

Singer Ariana Grande categorically denied that alleged nude pictures of her were authentic. Actress Victoria Justice says the same thing.

Actress Mary E. Winstead took to Twitter to respond to people who were actually looking at the pictures.
  Let’s put it this way – whoever this hacker is, he or she has made an awful lot of enemies.

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