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Kidd's Daughter's Kidd's Kids Song [AUDIO]

Caroline Cradick joins the show to introduce "Soar", a song that her and Tim Halperin recorded for our 22nd Kidd's Kids trip to Walt Disney World. Listen below!

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Remembering Kidd Kraddick [AUDIO]

Our Kidd's Kids trip could not have been possible without love and dedication from the man that started this organization. Kidd Kraddick is the reason for all these wonderful memories. Listen below!

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Big Al's Joke [AUDIO]

Dr. Girlfriend wouldn't laugh at Big Al Mack's joke, but he decided it was funny enough to tell you. Check it out, tell us if you laughed or tell him a better joke in the comments below!

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Alex from Target In-Studio [AUDIO/PIC]

Alex from Target joins us in-studio. He gives us the scoop on his whirlwind celebrity-ism and how his life has changed. Listen and check out a picture of him with the cast below!

Follow Alex on Twitter, Instagram and check out his parents charity Just Love International.


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Anna Faris calls us [AUDIO]

Anna Faris joins the show. She calls to talk about the second season of her hit show "Mom," tells us that it's the best job she's ever had and more! Listen below.

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Nick Jonas Interview [AUDIO]

Nick Jonas joins the show. From acting to performing his new single live, he has been making a name for himself.

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Kellie's Love Interest [AUDIO]

Kellie has had a crush on radio personality Mike Rhyner for 20 years. She tells us how she embarrassed herself when she ran into him over the weekend. Listen to the whole story below!

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Lies You Tell Children [AUDIO]

Every parent wants to avoid temper tantrums so we took calls to hear what white lies you tell your kids to avoid their meltdowns. Listen to them all and share in the comments below!

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In Case You Missed It [AUDIO]

From celebrity quotes, to news blunders, to viral videos, we play you all the audio clips we didn't have time to play during the week. Listen to them all below! #ICYMI

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Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy [AUDIO]

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy joins the show. His band took a three year hiatus, and Pete catches us up on what he's been doing.

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Voice Factor Idol: Kellie VS J-Si [AUDIO]

You voted on which Big Al relationship parody you liked the most, so listen to find out if Kellie or J-Si won the third round of our parody song challenge. And if you missed it or want to hear it again, watch their performances below!

Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw – Feel Like A Rock Star (Big Al Relationship Parody)

A Great Big World – Say Something (Big Al Relationship Parody)

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Driving Instructor Big Al Mack [AUDIO]

You warned Big Al, but he decided to ignore his friends and teach Dr. Girlfriend how to drive a car with manual transmission. How did the driving instruction go?

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33 Things to Stop in Your 30's

Kellie loves lists and she found another one to share with you. A list of more things you shouldn't do after age 30. Agree or disagree? And should something be ADDED to the list?

Anyone over 30 shouldn't…

  1. Facebook stalking, particularly your ex.
  2. Seeking approval from other people.
  3. Beer pong. It's time to toss the red solo cups.
  4. Sleeping away your entire weekend instead of doing something fun or productive.
  5. Weeknight binge drinking (or binge drinking in general). Those hangovers get worse with each passing year.
  6. Building up debt on your credit card. Now is the time to pay it back, not make it worse!
  7. Hitting up mom or dad for money.
  8. Keeping bad friends around out of convenience, or because you're too lazy to cut them out. Send them packing!
  9. Buying anything and everything you want when you're shopping.
  10. Sneaking a smoke.
  11. Buying new underwear instead of doing laundry.
  12. Advertising drunk nights on social media.
  13. Skipping beauty routines. Start moisturizing ASAP!
  14. Pulling all-nighters.
  15. Making excuses not to do your workout.
  16. Eating fast food.
  17. Hanging unframed pictures or posters on your walls. We think Starry Night is great too, but it's time to take it down.
  18. Ignoring 401k packets when you get them.
  19. Spending most of your money on alcohol or eating out.
  20. Waiting for someone to do something for you so that you don't have to.
  21. Only cleaning the toilet or tub when it literally can't wait another minute.
  22. Giving up when things get hard.
  23. Waiting to take out the trash and recycling until guests are coming over.
  24. Holding on to old grudges.
  25. Washing your bath towel and sheets once every few months, or just when you have company coming.
  26. Neglecting family time.
  27. Not taking responsibility for things.
  28. Flossing only once a year before your trip to the dentist, and then right after, when the dentist guilt-trips you in to it.
  29. Unhealthy dieting or buying in to quick-fix weight loss plans.
  30. Texting while driving.
  31. Not saving money.
  32. Participating in drama.
  33. Not staying up-to-date on current events.
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Big Al's Handyman Requirements [AUDIO]

Big Al Mack wants to help you improve your home, but he has a list of requirements that need to be met first. What's on the list? Listen to find out his requirements below!

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Reagan James from "The Voice" calls

Reagan James from "The Voice" calls the show. Live Playoffs started last night and she shined in her performance of "Try." Listen, watch her performance below and VOTE!

Find out all the voting methods HERE!

The Voice 2014 Live Playoffs – Reagan James: "Try"

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Thank You Veterans [AUDIO]

We helped you salute our Veterans this morning by reading your letters and playing your recordings on air. Listen below!

Also, check out the Veterans Day freebies offered to honor vets listed HERE.

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Kendrick Lamar Joins Us In-Studio [VIDEO/PICS]

Kendrick Lamar
joins us in studio. We talked about his new single "i" and asked him about his upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live!

Get Kendrick Lamar's single "i" on iTunes.

btn_red part two btn_red-part-three btn_red-part-four

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2014 CMA Awards Recap

If you missed anything from the 2014 CMA Awards, we recapped it and gave our opinions. Listen to the audio below to see what we thought of Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hosting and more. Check it out below!

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20 Things you shouldn't wear after age 30

Kellie found a list of 20 things you shouldn't wear after age 30. What is the list missing or do you disagree? Check it out and share in the comments below!

  1. Scrunchies
  2. Abercrombie & Fitch
  3. Platform flip flops
  4. Glitter eyeshadow
  5. Cheap bras
  6. Old sneakers
  7. Booty shorts
  8. American Eagle
  9. Crop tops
  10. Overalls
  11. Mini skirts
  12. Short dresses
  13. Tube tops
  14. Furry anything
  15. Furry boots
  16. Hoop earrings
  17. Non-matching socks
  18. Oversized sunglasses
  19. Sparkly pants, unless it's New Year's Eve
  20. Leopard print

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#AlexFromTarget Watch 2014

It was hard for us to get a hold of Alex, because he was in Los Angeles. But Brooklyn Reiff joined us this morning! She's the girl that took the picture of Alex from Target. Listen below!

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Suspended from Work [AUDIO]

A man was suspended for 20 days without pay for answering costumer calls in a "deliberately robotic fashion." What silly thing did you do at work that got you in trouble? Listen and share below!

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Death With Dignity Advocate [AUDIO]

Brittany Maynard was a 29-year-old cancer patient and a right-to-die advocate. She ended her life this weekend and has sparked controversy. Share your thoughts in the comments of below!

Get more information on her story HERE.

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Cast dressed up for Halloween [PICS]

Happy Halloween! Check out what the cast dressed up as for Dish Nation. Kellie is a Cougar… Big Al is a Gynecologist… J-Si is a firefighter… and Jenna is Bae Watch running from Pugnado. Which one is your favorite?

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Kellie's Dating Life [AUDIO]

Emma Kelly obviously doesn't want to let her mommy date but Kellie's going to do it anyway. Who's going to win this battle? Listen to check out a few of the worst-case scenarios below!

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Eminem's music as lullabies [AUDIO]

J-Si is a huge Eminem fan and is super excited about this new album. Check out how Eminem's music has been turned into lullabies. Get more information and listen to "Lose Yourself" HERE!

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