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SHOCKING: NOPD Lets Fight Ensue Right In Front Of His Face [VIDEO]

What is going on here?  The Cop just allowed the guy to get away with punching 2 girls in the face?

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09/18/2013 4:30PM
SHOCKING: NOPD Lets Fight Ensue Right In Front Of His Face [VIDEO]
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09/18/2013 4:36PM
I'm not surprised at how NOPD handled the situation. What were they suppose to do? If they were to have corrected that fight, it wouldn't make a dent in the major problem that New Orleans has accepted violence.
09/18/2013 4:41PM
What bees wrong wit dat
09/18/2013 5:05PM
The sad thing is this fight was probably over something completely stupid. As for the asshat that was punching them during the fight, he better pray that I never meet him face to face.
09/18/2013 5:06PM
I know that make cops try not break up female fights big its just crazy to continue to let them harm each other if there were no female officers there , and to let them men keep coming up and land hits is just unbelievable
09/18/2013 5:07PM
The male officer didn't touch the women to avoid a sexual harassment suit I'm guessing, but I can't see why he didn't detain the guy from the girl in her face.
09/18/2013 5:18PM
That cop did absolutely nothing he didnt even try to brake those girls up and the other dude just punched her in the face and walks away. Why wasnt he arrested? this is just ridculous
09/18/2013 5:18PM
Nip Slip
1:52 nip slip
09/18/2013 5:22PM
This is "TOTALLY SICKENING". Why would ANYONE want to visit New Orleans??? What a horrible video & on one of the main streets.
09/18/2013 5:25PM
They are idiots all of them , I don't care where they are Nola, Ms doesn't matter.
09/18/2013 5:54PM
What a waste of a badge.
09/18/2013 6:03PM
Animals. The whole city is full of animals.
09/18/2013 6:10PM
He officers should be supended without pay for a few days. See if that changes their out look on fighting. Male or female officer they should have broken the fight up. To just stand there and do nothing even when the male hit the female is just wrong! And not one arrest? WTH!
09/18/2013 6:25PM
that is not nola.
Only ignorant people could say that all of nola is like that. Yes , this whole situation was bs. Cops are to blame for how far that went and how messed up those kids are bc they know they can get a way with it. All involved including the officers should be held responsible. This a -holes are the reason nola continues to get a bad reputation. I hope this makes evening news so they should all be put on blast.
09/18/2013 6:30PM
No Idea
None of you have any idea what happened before the video. Before you start calling out the officers for their actions, perhaps you should take look from their perspective. They are not babysitters. No one was in any real danger, no one was asking for help, and no one was seriously hurt. If the 2 officers would have been more forceful, it is very likely that this would have escalated to so much more. Now, I am not one to defend NOPD, but I do think it is very unsettling when people who know nothing of what it takes to be a police officer criticize without knowing the whole story. I can hear everyone now, "I saw the whole story...blah, blah, blah." But, no you didn't. Furthermore the cops, especially NOPD have to deal with this kind of behavior day in and day out.
09/18/2013 6:46PM
lmaooooo good job mr.officer..you can tell he was scared..i sure wouldnt want him on my team lolol he belongs on desk duty
09/18/2013 6:48PM
why did he punch both of them
lmfao why did that guy punch both of those girls?is that how a fight is broken up
09/18/2013 7:19PM
Nopd is not that bad
I'm pretty sure he didn't break up the females because of sexual harassment ...and I'm also pretty sure that the other male and female didn't get very far.i wish people stop doubting nopd ...they'll say anything to make themlook bad .
09/18/2013 7:25PM
She ate my chicken
09/18/2013 7:51PM
Not all of NOLA is like this
I call NOLA home . I walk these streets every day going to and from my office and home. I have never been involved in anything like this nor have I witnessed such stupidity as this. It goes to show the stupidity of the individuals involved, no doubt. Thank goodness they finally brought a woman cop in to stop the two females from pulling out their weaves. Lord knows they are probably on food stamps but paid $500 for the weave. There are all sorts of people in the fine city of New Orleans, so please don't take this as a true sampling of our population. Many of us are law-abiding citizens.
09/18/2013 7:54PM
I've had my cousin thrown up against the wall just for being drunk. But I guess that's ok bc he was white
09/18/2013 8:17PM
Your Cousin
I am sure your drunk cousin was quietly reciting poetry when he was thrown against the wall. If people were thrown against the way "just for being drunk" we would have to build more buildings just to have enough wall space.
09/18/2013 8:18PM
don't blame them
ANIMALISTIC BEHAVIORS deserve animalistic TREATMENT. That is A DISGRACE TO NOLA. I applaude the cops for being so patient and letting it go.
09/18/2013 8:40PM
That's cops for you
09/18/2013 9:07PM
Man hits a woman and gets to walk away?
I can't believe they let the man who hit the woman walk away, thats when the night stick should come out
09/18/2013 9:17PM
Two words.
Unprofessional, pathetic.
09/18/2013 9:19PM
NOPD is Bullshart! Lazy at best. This is another reason why we are looked at as Ignorant. I am glad I don't live in a city that has this kind of shart on the streets!
09/18/2013 9:36PM
Nola Homegrown
While I admit it doesn't look good for the city from a tourist standpoint, I applaud the patience of the officers. They needed to wait for a female officer to arrive on scence to avoid a sexual harassment suit, which is common in Nola. I don't understand how they deal with ignorant people that should not have allowed out of supervised care!
09/18/2013 10:03PM
OH wow!
she ate my chicken-funny as hell animals- you're ignorant as the idiots fighting white cousin - race is irrelevant The two male officers did their job partially. They weren't supposed to lay a hand on the females unless they were threatening the lives of others. Yes, they could have mased and/or detained the two gentlemen first to prevent what escalated. They could have also mased the 2 women, but that would have led to more problems if they were to walk onto a busy street and be struck by a moving vehicle ( meaning they shouldn't attempt to apprehend the two females after doing so because that could also lead to a sexual harassment case). Great half job officers. Next time, let the two females look like jackasses and beat the living hell out of one another and mase the hell out of the two guys and put them in handcuffs for disturbing the peace.
09/18/2013 10:13PM
Welcome to New Orleans
Welcome to New Orleans...people act like animals, so sad. I don't understand why the cop didn't just mace/taze the hell out of both of those gals. And the guy who got the sneaky punch in like a coward? WTF?!?!?
09/19/2013 12:06AM
They had to wait till female cops show up so that no sexual suits could be filed. Yet at the same time watch for their surroundings. There are animals everywhere not just new orleans
09/19/2013 12:45AM
A hole police man should be suspended
That was sad that the police man just watched 2 woman fighting and another idiot ah punching one of the girls without even arresting him.
09/19/2013 5:43AM
thats said
not just the girls fighting, he didn't help his fellow officer break up the fight with the two males fighting.
09/19/2013 7:06AM
if it was a white cop watching Al and Jessie would be on TV already Bitching that the whites don't care about the Blacks killing each other Blah blah blah.....but a Black cop doing the same.....no problem....just a little outrage
09/19/2013 8:08AM
Niggers will be niggers
09/19/2013 8:59AM
No one knows
You just don't know what it is like until you have to walk in that cops shoes. I'm not saying that he handled it right but when you try to do everything correctly and the mayor and your superintendent try to mess you over on every aspect of daily operations, les see you keep a good attitude and give a care. Go read some of the negative emails and threats that come down from administrations in all city departments to the workers. The mayor and leaders of city departments are at fault. The attitude funnels down from them. It is just a song and dance that they put on for the media and the public eats it up. Blame yourselves if you put them back in office New Orleans. The mayor has the response that everything is doing so much better. Well, anyone can make it look that way if you change the stats, control the news stations, and keep a muzzle on your workers.
09/19/2013 10:12AM
NO win here
1. Cop "touches" female...he loses 2. cop puts the whoop a*s on them..cop loses 3.camera there to tape...cop loses (see where man has cop by the throat) This is what happens when cops are not allowewd to their jobs (I know all about the bad ones too!) you end up with hockey refs waiting to put someone in penalty box. So, you get what you sue for.
09/19/2013 11:25AM
Why come?
Why come Pookie not in JAIL yo? Pookie done punch dat nigga cold in front of the laws!
09/19/2013 1:06PM
First of all, why visit New Orleans, it's a Beautiful city! There are so many wonderful things about New Orleans besides things like this happening. This could happen in any other City. People like this are not all over our city. But you would not know because you haven't been. No one knows what started the fight! Yes, it was inappropriate and yes this officer should go to jail his self. For doing nothing, how knows what this idiots where going to do to anyone, they where a threat to other civilians and he should be fired. He had handcuffs in his hand the whole time. I bet if they where white he would have arrested ALL OF them!!! Well Females arrived and STILL no one was arrested!!! Just don't Judge our City based on these animals!
09/19/2013 2:55PM
Jimmy two toes
LOL!!! well, what do you want them to do, if they tried to break it up and had to take restrain those involved, you all would have been screaming "Excessive Force".... So, it has become the police's mentality that when outnumbered by those involved, to wait for additional units to arrive in order to ensure they cater to the masses video recording the incident just waiting for the officers to do something wrong... This cops did what needed to be done, if you want to blame anyone, blame yourselves for allowing their hands to be tied because you all want to blast them on youtube. F-U general American Public!!
09/19/2013 3:16PM
Where were the Republicans? I didn't see a single one..it's probably their fault. LOL
09/19/2013 11:49PM
Taze them all duct tape her mouth, and cuff them. Hard to fight when your pants are hanging down, And braids make good handles for positioning a punch
09/20/2013 4:14PM
Waste our tax money
Nopd is a waste of tax payers money. They are criminals.
09/20/2013 4:27PM
Nopd suck
Nopd are robbing tax's payers money. They are the one that should go to jail.
09/23/2013 8:55PM
no good cops
That cop with the glasses needs to be fired...
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