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RATCHET: Is Rihannas' New Music Video Edgier Than Miley Cyrus's? [VIDEO]

Who won the ratchet contest... you decide!

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10/03/2013 3:42PM
RATCHET: Is Rihannas' New Music Video Edgier Than Miley Cyrus's? [VIDEO]
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10/03/2013 4:27PM
They both are horrible!
A waste of air time! I give them both 2 more yrs of fame and they will crash at there rate! What a shame of talent!
10/03/2013 5:10PM
No more edgier than most hip-hip/rap videos
I'm not a fan of either of the vids, but it really frustrates me to see the double standards taking place. They are no different than most hip-hop/rap videos featuring video vixens.
10/03/2013 7:19PM
love both of them
Mileys = crazy, fun, wild, edgy.. RiRi's = sexy, strippertastic, modern hip hop edgy.. both great videos, singers, & movement makers.
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