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Natty loves her little cousin

My brother's son is almost 5 months old and Natty loves spending time with her little cousin so much.  She talks about him constantly and seeing her with him gives me baby fever. She's so gentle and kind.  She loves sharing with him as well.  Nothing makes me happier than family and mine is delightful.

07/29/2011 10:15AM
Natty loves her little cousin
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07/30/2011 12:26PM
alcee jones
um hi my name is alcee ( AL-SEA ) i was trying to call in for katy perry tickets and i called 3 different numbers 1504 ... .... 504 ... .... and just the number without 1504 or 504, ... .... and it would not work plz help me i want to win !!!!!
08/02/2011 8:05AM
Kidd Show
Hi Alcee - if you're calling from a 504 number, you can just dial 260-9797. If you're calling from a land-line outside of 504, you may need to dial "1" first. If you're calling from a cell phone, you should not need to dial "1" - our contest phone number works just like any other New Orleans line. If you're getting a busy signal or message, that's us. Good luck!
10/06/2011 7:27AM
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