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Passenger Cheats Death Twice, Swapped Flights On Both Malaysian Flights!


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Man Films People As He "Accidentally" Drops His Wallet Will People Steal It?


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Dude Skydives And Lands On A Slip-N-Slide (Watch)

This is AWESOME!

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This Dad Came Up With A Genius Way To Do His Daughter’s Hair!

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POV Footage of Cyclist Crashing Head On With Car OUCH. (Video)

Wear your HELMET!
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Would People Steal Shoes From A Homeless Man? (Watch)

Wow... This is WRONG!

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19 Yr Old Texas Tech Cheerleader Likes To Hunt Endangered Species

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SPEEDING: Cops should be held accountable too!

Dont you agree?

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12Yr Old Detroit Boy FOUND LIVE During Nancy Grace!

Something VERY strange about this!

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Thief Logs Onto His Facebook Account During A Robbery & Forgets To Log Off!

Worst crook EVER!!!

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