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You just never know

This is really an emotional blog for me... It happened Saturday night at Canal St. Theaters in New Orleans. It started out great with a few friends having a meatball slider and a drink before the movie "OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN" started.  The next thing I know more people are filing into the theater and I have someone sitting next to me who is by herself.  I said hi, and said wow that really stinks that you and your friend are seperated, if the two seats at the end of the row don't fill up we can just move down and you guys can sit together.. She was very nice with a great smile on her face and said OK great thank you.. In the mean time she was talking with her friend temporarily sitting in the row behind her about her two kids 4 & 5 who DID NOT want to see the movie THE CROODS..  After more small talk about my food she decided to move back to the empty handicap seats so her and her friend could sit next to each other.... About an hour into the movie we hear a commotion with people saying call 911.. It was the lady who was sitting next to me just about an hour before.. After stopping the movie and bringing the lights up a nurse and a former EMT who is now a teacher have been working feverishly on her with CPR.. This went on for at least 10 minutes until the FIRE RESCUE came.. This has been top of mind since this has happened Saturday night. The person I was talking too and laughing with a few minutes before is no longer with us... I now know her name and where she worked but out of the respect for her family will not post... Moral of this story is "YOU NEVER KNOW" how long you have to love, care for, and enjoy everyone in your life... Love your family and friends right now because today may be your last..... And may god bless AC          

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03/26/2013 6:23PM
You just never know
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