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Corey B


Watch This Magician Get Out Of A Ticket With MAGIC!

Im screwed... I would have def got a ticket! LOL

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Woman's Snack Smuggling Movie Game Is ON POINT! (Watch)

Oh my word..... LOL

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Man Gets Chased By Bear While Riding His Bike!

Real or Fake?... Im saying fake!

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Man Lucky To Be Alive After Failed Base Jump Off Thailand's Tallest Building!

Im suprised he just walked away from that!

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You Couldnt Get Me To Do This For All The Money In The World!

No, No and HELL NO!

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Who Wants Chinese? Guy Finds RAT HAIRS In His Simply Asia Noodles!

Nope... Dear Ramen Noodles, I hope this never happens!

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Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)

This movie is going to be AWESOME!

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How Would You Feel If The Schools' PE Teacher Did This To Your Child

I would be LIVID! This is beyond unacceptable!.. PAID suspension? REAALLLY?

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John Legend Caught Naked In The Shower By His Wife [PHOTO]



A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

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MIND BLOWN! We've Been Dunking Oreos WRONG! [Video]

This is genius, and I will actually be using this technique tonight!!!! LOL

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