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Ludacris Spends Lundi Gras With The Afternoon Swirl

luda Part 1:  ludalundi1  Part 2:  ludalundi2  Part 3:  ludalundi3

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02/15/2010 3:03PM
Ludacris Spends Lundi Gras With The Afternoon Swirl
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02/15/2010 5:28PM
Renee M H
Hey the Ludacris interview was great! Stevie G has a nice sore throat voice. ;-) Listening in from DC to check on the B Lundi Gras activities. hope the G-squad family unit has a Happy Mardi Gras! Luda have fun too! How low can u go!
03/19/2010 3:17PM
hey tpot umm i think ur so cool when i called b97 to talk to you i didnt realy have time to tell you all the awsome comments i have to say about u guys. one of them is that i look up to you because u r cool, smart, married, and have one litlle girl. i figured you would be a good person to look up to the other comment is that ur SO FUNNY like that one day some guy called the studio and said he just doesnt like you guys. then you said "i would like to know what made that guy so mad to call u and say he doesnt like u". then stevie g. said"well he tried to like us". so any way i sent u an envit so we could talk some time so if you got please reply.
04/19/2010 1:50PM
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