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Posts from March 2014

Hayden Panettiere Calls Us

Hayden Panettiere calls us to talk about her drama series “Nashville”, her child acting career and musical ambitions. How young did she start acting? Listen below to find out!

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How I Met My Other

The television show “How I Met Your Mother” is ending and the cast wanted to honor it by talking about how they met their significant others. Listen to it and share your own #MyOther below!


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Big Al Sings About Dog Poo [VIDEO]

Big Al noticed that Curtis (his dog) always faces north when he poops. He was so amazed by this that he sang a song about it. You don’t want to miss this...

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Joey McIntyre Calls the Show

Joey McIntyre calls us to talk about NKOTB! They are starting up a European tour, but Joey wants to tell fans about their one USA concert in Las Vegas. Listen to the interview below!


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Big Al's Rapping Movie Review

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show wants to send you to the MTV Movie Awards. All you have to do is send us a rapping movie review and lucky us… Big Al gave us an example! Listen and a link to enter below!

Do you think you can do better? Want to win a trip to the MTV Movie Awards? Enter your Rapping Movie Review here


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Which Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Member Are You?

Ever wonder which Kidd Kraddick Morning Show member you are? Find out whether you are Kellie, Big Al, J-Si, Jenna or Psycho Shanon below!

The test asks your favorite type of movie, sports, food and more!




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Rhonda from Potluck, TX calls

Rhonda from Potluck, TX calls to share some good news. Rhonda is pregnant… AGAIN! She sounds like she’s having trouble handling the kids she already has. Listen to the “fascinating” call below!

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Katie Meets Her Bone Marrow Donor


Remember our I Have a Dream listener Katie Waggoner? She wanted to meet her bone marrow donor. It’s finally happened and in our studio! Listen to this incredible and emotional meeting below.


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A Great Big World in Studio [VIDEO]

A Great Big World joins us in studio! We asked them about their new fame, working with Christina Aguilera and they performed for us too. Listen to the entire interview below!

Here’s the performance of Say Something if you want to forgo the interview.


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Jennifer Lopez calls the show

Jennifer Lopez calls to talk about her new song I Luh Ya Papi. We ask her about her career, the new music video and American Idol too! 

Also, check out her new music video for I Luh Ya Papi below!

(NOTE: The video is PG-13)


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Rixton In Studio [VIDEO]

J-Si interviewed Rixton! He asked them how they ended up together. Check out the video from the interview/performance.

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J-Si's Blog: What difference 10 years makes...

Today I turn 31… I spent my birthday eve with my kids. I took a little time to reflect on the past 10 years. Do you remember who you were 10 years ago? I do. I was a cocky fool. I thought I had become a man when I turned 21. Boy was I almost right… but not really. I have no idea why I thought taking shots legally, having highlights in my hair, shaving my entire body (even though I had no hair to shave), wearing Von Dutch trucker hats, getting a tattoo from a random I met on the beach, and never wearing socks made me a man. For some reason, that was the age that made me feel invincible. I was far from actually being a man. I was selfish, I was reckless, I was immature, I was oblivious, I was angry, I cared too much what people thought about me, and I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. But back then, I thought I had it all handled. The only thing I had going in my life was Kinsey.

Cason-and-Chloe-holding-handsSo when we were doing the “Get Over It” lines yesterday, and I sarcastically told Kinsey to stop asking me what I want for my birthday, I meant it. Not in a rude way, but in a “I’m fulfilled” kind of way. Ten years ago, I could have rattled off 100 things that I wanted as gifts. That means something is missing. I can honestly tell you, that material things don’t really matter to me now. I think I have everything I need. I have a house. I have clothes. I have a TV. I have a car that can get me to work. Hashtag blessed (that’s for Rasberry). Most importantly, I have purpose. As corny as this may sound, my family is my gift, and I get it every day I wake up. In the last few months, I have not just realized, but witnessed how quickly life can end. I can happen in the blink of an eye, and I have always heard that, but it took an event where I witnessed it, for it to click. I really get it now. I really think that opening my eyes in the morning is a daily gift, along with the small things happening during my day. I don’t really think about the future anymore. It used to drive me crazy. The future was so scary to me, because I had no idea what was going to happen, and I expected the worst. Losing my job, failing, having to start over, etc. I can look you in the eye, and tell you that I don’t do that anymore. There really is no point.

There is one thing I can look forward to in the future: My family. They are the only thing that will always be there for me… as long as I take care of it. I have to enjoy this every single day. I have lost some really close friends, and maybe it’s because we grew apart, maybe it’s because my focus on life changed… I don’t know. Friends really do come and go. I don’t have a desire to go to clubs. I don’t feel like drinking my weekend away. I would rather play in the backyard with Cason. I would rather play my guitar for Chloe. I would rather get a babysitter and go on a movie date with Kinsey. It’s not something that was an overnight switch, it gradually happened. I wish I could pinpoint it, but I can’t.

Am I a man yet? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I still have a lot of growing to do, but I think I am on my way there. I seriously don’t know how I got this lucky. I never expected my life to go this well. I was at the bottom when Kidd hired me. I’ve said it before; I had no money. I had no home (I was living in Kinsey’s grandmothers house). I couldn’t even get a loan to keep going to school. This is why I don’t need gifts. I am living my dream. I have an incredible woman who loves me. I have two healthy kids. I have an awesome support group who listens to our show every day. And I have the opportunity to continue my teacher/idol’s legacy, with some of the best people in my industry. Seriously, what more could I ask for? Well, it would be cool if I could get to hang with Eminem, and maybe get a band to let me play guitar with them, and maybe a shirt. So I just want to thank you, if you are reading this, for coming along on this journey I call growing up.

Every event in my life, has shaped me into the person I am today.

- J-Si

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Spring Break Adventures

The cast shared with us what happened with them over Spring Break and we opened up the lines for listeners to call in and share their stories.

The Cast’s Spring Break Adventures


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Jamie Lynn Spears' Family Wedding Picture
We're loving how great the family looks!  Congrats to Jamie and her husband, James Watson, who married Saturday (3/15/14) at the Audubon Tea Room.
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Justin Bieber "DETRIMENTAL to (his) own career"

Oops. Maybe he meant “instrumental?”

Justin Bieber was questioned about the incident where one of his body guards attacked Jeffrey Binion, a paparazzi. The interview lasted nearly 5 hours. So maybe Justin was tired. But there are lots of fun things to check out.

When asked if he knows “Usher Raymond IV,” Bieber says no. When asked if he knows the entertainer, “Usher,” he says “yeah.”

But then Bieber says, “I was found on YouTube and I think I was detrimental to my own career.”

Check out the video from TMZ below.


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The Teacher Test: Spring Break Plans
What are Kellie's students up to during spring break?

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Backstage Interview with Lorde

J-Si and Jenna hang out backstage with Lorde. She’s one of the year’s biggest artists and they talked about candy, school, her relationship with Taylor Swift and becoming famous. Listen to the entire interview below!

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Ways to Damage a Man's Ego

A man’s ego can be fragile. The cast discusses an article they found with a list of ways a woman can damage a man’s ego. And number 12 the cast even came up with on their own. Check it out below!

1. Holding a door open for a man

2. Tell a man something he did is irresponsible

3. Beat him at a video game

4. Pay compliments to his rivals

5. Fix something that’s broken without asking him to fix it first

6. Be funnier

7. Buy him clothes that are too big for him

8. Get him girly smelling lotion

9. Pay for your own dinner when your out with friends

10. Be more successful

11. Propose

12. Leave for a women ( the cast’s addition)

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J-Si's Best Joke Ever

J-Si debuts his new segment and jingle that will have you laughing all day...
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Viral Video: Katy Perry Does the Weather
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Stars of "Divergent" in studio

Miles Teller and Jai Courtney from the new movie Divergent join the show in studio! They talk with the cast about their new movie and their success. 

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Big Al's Blog: I love you and I miss you beyond words

Well, it’s been about 5 days now and I guess I’ve gotten to the point where I can write about losing my dad now. He was a fighter. Even after being placed on dialysis almost 10 years ago, he never lost his sense of humor. He called going to dialysis, “Going to work.” And that’s what he did. My dad was a working man. But he also took whatever time was necessary to make sure his family was the priority. There are so many memories about growing up that I could sit here and list them all day long. I could tell you about how my dad would help me fold and roll newspapers in the morning EVERY SINGLE morning before he went to his own business and got things rolling there as well. He would then drive my sister and myself 20 miles to private school and pick us up in the evenings. We couldn’t afford those great schools that we attended but somehow, he made a way. He really gave me a great work ethic and it wasn’t that he would sit me down and tell me how important working was. No, he was more of a man that would “Show” rather than a man that would “Tell.” When I had my Limousine service, he would come over in the mornings and help me wash them, fill them up with gas, and he would even fill in as a driver if he thought it would help me. When I say that he would do ANYTHING for the family, I mean ANYTHING! He and my mom were married for well over 50 years and until his last day, he smiled, laughed, told stories, and let us know that he loved us very much.

I know that we pretty much talk about EVERYTHING that is going on in our lives around here but I knew that if I started to talk about this, I would just end up crying my eyes out on the radio and I have chosen, at least up to this point, to not talk about this. Losing a parent is like losing a body part. You have lived your entire life with that person and one day, they are just gone. And there is nothing that I can say that will make it any better. People grieve in so many different ways. No ones way is necessarily any better or worse than anyone else’s. They are just different.

Daddy, I love you and I miss you beyond words.


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Cajun Accent Challenge

The cast celebrates Fat Tuesday by trying to do their best Cajun accent. Who did best at the Cajun Accent Challenge? Listen below to find out and tell us who you think did best!

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2014 Oscar Recap

If you missed anything at the 2014 Academy Awards, we recapped it and gave our opinions. Listen to the audio below to see what we thought of Jared Leto, Lupita Nyong’o and Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speeches and more. Check it out below!

Watch as John Travolta BUTCHERS Idina Menzel’s name.


Here is the photo that Ellen tweeted that set the record for more retweets ever.

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