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Posts from May 2014

The 1975 Surprises Kellie [VIDEO]

The 1975 joins us to surprise Kellie and celebrate her 20th year on the show. They performed one of her favorite songs.

Here’s the performance of Chocolate if you want to forgo the interview.

Also, check out them perform Girls


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Happy 20th Anniversary, Kellie!


Kellie's Blog: Did Someone Say it Was My 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY?!?!

It is so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that it’s been 20 years since I packed up everything I had, stuck it in the front half of a 5′x10′ U-Haul trailer, hitched it to the back of my Taurus, stashed Daddy’s gun in the glove box — like Mama and I would know what to do with it should we come face-to-face with danger — and took off for Texas. It was the ultimate, life-changing road trip. Kidd Kraddick had hired me from what felt like the middle of nowhere for a job in the big city of Dallas — a magical, mystical place where I fully expected to encounter JR Ewing and random Dallas Cowboys on a daily basis. I didn’t realize at the time that I was being hired by the biggest celebrity in the business, which is part of the reason why Kidd hired me.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I slowly began to realize who Kidd Kraddick was and what all of this meant. Within 3 months of my big move, I found myself in therapy with a woman who insisted everything would be better if I would just take this baseball bat and whoop up on that pillow. But I found more comfort lying in the coolness of my bed, staring at the ceiling fan all weekend. Through my ceiling fan therapy, I quickly managed to get over the BIGNESS what had happened to me and I just started enjoying it. All of it.

kellie-and-kidd-blog-classic-picThe happiest memories I have of being on this show are from those first few years. We hung out every day after the show — driving around town singing the Human League at the top of our lungs while looking for the dirtiest dive restaurants for a mystery lunch. We risked all sorts of gastrointestinal distress, all in the name of adventure! Those were the glory days — and they were all with Kidd. All of my glorious days have been thanks to Kidd.

Kidd saw something in me I wasn’t able to see in myself. And he’s the only reason I’m still here 20 years later. It’s just so bittersweet that he’s not here to share it with me.

These last few years, whenever we’d get into one of our infamous little tiffs, I’d tell Kidd, “Just get me to 20 years and then I’m out of here!!” Of course, I didn’t mean it….or maybe I did….I could get really mad at Kidd sometimes. But anyway, now I’m here at the 20 year mark and the man who is responsible for every single glorious, adventurous, aggravating, emotional second of it isn’t here to celebrate it with me.

This past week, I found myself wondering what Kidd would’ve done to mark the occasion. Would he have thrown me a dinner party and insist on serving me his infamous flank steak? Would he write a song for me like he did when I was about to give birth to Emma Kelly? Would he try to take me shopping again at some fancy store that would cause me to break out in hives and leave me in tears in the dressing room? I’ll never know, and it makes me very sad to not have him here to find out. But I hope he’d be proud of me for how far I’ve come in 20 years. At my core, I’d like to think I’m still that same small-town girl from SC who became a woman who does better because she knows better.

There is absolutely no way of knowing what the next 20 years holds for me, but the past 20 have been a blast. Thank you to everyone who’s been here for all of it or for any part of it. Cheers to our future!

- Kellie

Listeners Celebrate Kellie's 20th Anniversary

We asked you to post a picture or memory you have with Kellie and to hashtag it #KR20. Check them out and share more below!

Angel Griffin – When Kellie snapped at Big Al about the gourmet popcorn groupon. I couldn’t stop watching that clip!

Veida Dima – Kellie just did an interview for a magazine about being a mother and during the interview EK was throwing a tantrum. Kellie was talking about how embarrassed and frustrated she was. It was a genuine and raw moment every mother out there has and that story helped me remember that I’m not the only one who feels helpless with my kids.

Jason Williams – Flo’Rhonda’s rap about Uncle Daddy was the BEST!!! Kellie is my favorite!!

Ryan Lane – The best memory of @kellierasberry is when she burp 3 minutes after drinking Mimosa! #Daydrinker

Amanda Koenigseder – One of my favorite memories was EK’s first day of school. Kellie was mad because Kidd made her stay on mic the whole morning. She was so frustrated but trying to hide it to make it a good morning for EK. Freddy was mad. The school didn’t want her in there live on the radio. It was classic frazzled Kellie. We love you, Kellie, you’re the BEST!

Amanda Koenigseder – I don’t think anything could beat the chemistry of Kellie and Kidd. The way they would bicker and fight would always leave you laughing in the end.

Jeni Mason Valentine – When she got to hear the Emma Kelly song that Kidd wrote for her.

Maggie Gabriel – I absolutely loved her version of “my humps” she made it about her baby bump when she was pregnant with EK. I felt so connected to her as she was going through her infertility troubles because I too was suffering through it. Then she got pregnant sang that song on air and I said “one day I too will sing it” and I did few years after. Thanks for all these years Kelly know that you are loved and respected by a whole lotta folks!


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Meghan from "I Wanna Marry Harry" [VIDEO]

Meghan Jones from I Wanna Marry “Harry” joins us in studio. She tells us what it was like dating “Harry” and if she truly believed he was royalty. 

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Lizzie Velasquez In-Studio

Lizzie Velasquez
joins us in studio. She has been bullied, but she has managed to turn that negative into a positive. Check her out on Facebook, Twitter and listen to her talk about her journey below!


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Viral Video: One Direction Smoking Weed

This video of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction smoking marijuana has gone viral!  They are laughing, joking and smoking in the back of an SUV during the Latin America leg of their tour.

(NOTE: The video has drug use)


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Big Al's Blog: Weekend Wedding with Dr Girlfriend

I learned something new about my girlfriend this weekend. She is a planner. I guess I should not be surprised about this. I would hate to think that a doctor was NOT a planner but specifically, she is a vacation planner. We went out-of-town this past weekend to a destination wedding and she took care of everything. And man, did she ever! She took it upon herself to buy the BUSINESS Class tickets. Then, she not only did that, but she also took care of the hotel. A SUPER nice hotel in Union Square. We stayed there the first night and the plan was to go to Sonoma for the wedding the next morning. Our plane was 2 hours late so we got our drink on at the airport before we even left. After we arrived at our hotel, we decided to go explore the city. The first stop was a sushi bar 1 block from our hotel. We didn’t have much to eat there since she had made dinner reservations at the Burrit Restaurant and it was supposed to be one of those super nice places to eat. We had a couple of pieces of sushi and some Hot Saki. From there we walked a couple more blocks up the steep hill to a hole in the wall bar. We had a drink or two there as well and then we walked a little more. We found ourselves at the top of Nob Hill. Man, it was beautiful. So after maybe a couple of hours of walking and a few cocktails, we made it back to the Drake Hotel. Since we had an hour to burn, we decided to take a nap. The restaurant was literally a two-minute walk away. She set the alarm on her phone. I’m guessing you can kinda tell where this is going. We had 8:30p dinner reservations and by the time we woke up, it was 11pm. She turned the alarm off and we went right back to sleep. This was the ONE thing that she wanted to do. The reason that she took control of this trip was so that we could have one romantic night in a fancy restaurant. Just the two of us. She was so disappointed that we missed our dinner and that was the only night that we were going to be there. I guess we could have gone out then but I really didn’t think that was a good idea since we had to wake up and drive 2 hours to Santa Rosa for the wedding that started at 10am the next morning. So, we woke up the next morning. We rented our car and off we went.

big-al-sonoma-weddingWe got to Sonoma and met up with the group. The mimosas were being served up even before the wedding so that was good. Then, brunch afterwards. The real reception happened about 2 hours after the wedding. We boarded a 50 passenger bus and headed on a trip to 2 different vineyards. Even though it was only a 15 minute bus ride, no bus ride is complete without alcohol treats right? So our bus load of 50 people stopped at the grocery store to get drinks. 30 minutes later, we were back on the road. Amazing! We stopped for 30 minutes to get drinks on our way to drink. How crazy is that? Anyway, we stopped at the vineyards and tasted wine. It was a pretty cool reception. Then, we looked up and one dude that apparently had a little “Too Much” fun. He had walked about 20 yards away from the group and he was standing next to a tree. After further observation, it was confirmed…he was peeing! We all looked and laughed. 15 minutes later, he walked about 10 yards further out. He was peeing again.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Despite missing the “Nice” dinner, we had a great time in Wine Country. But, I gotta take her back so we can have that Romantic Dinner!

- Big Al

Did Al Ruin the Wedding???

Big Al Mack was in Sanoma for a wedding and his “casual” attire might has ruined the wedding. So we opened the phone lines to hear about your worst wedding disaster. Listen to it below!


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Kidd's thoughts on Memorial Day [AUDIO]

In May of 2011, Kidd Kraddick put his feelings about how we celebrate Memorial Day into a thoughtful letter. He shared it on Facebook and read it on the show.

Listen to audio from 2011 or read the text of it below and share this page with your friends and family. Thanks again to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice and those who continue to stand up and defend our freedom today.


If you are new to America and you go by what you see and hear on TV and radio, you might be convinced that Memorial Day is the one weekend a year to “ENJOY HUGE SAVINGS ON ELECTRONICS AND HOME FURNISHINGS!”

You almost never hear the words Memorial Day anymore unless they’re followed by the word “Sale”.

People always complain that we’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas or Easter but unlike those examples, remembering our fallen soldiers doesn’t require you to be Christian or Jew or Muslim. Just American.

Not Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, pro-war, anti-war. We should all come together on this day…not the whole weekend…just Monday, and remember what the holiday means and how we’re supposed to observe it.

When America was trying to recover from the Civil War, nearly every family in this country felt the direct loss. Imagine a country one fourth the size it is now and then imagine nearly 700 THOUSAND casualties. On those first few memorial days, I’m pretty sure they didn’t celebrate with hot dogs and three day weekends and a sale on video games.

In the last seven years, Memorial Day has meant something for the first time to hundreds of families. Families who’ve been through the scope of emotions that started with pride of service, fear of loss, and finally the numbing grief that the person they love is gone forever. Ask the families and they usually won’t use the word hero. Instead they’ll use words like “friend”, “brother”, “son”, “confidant”, “full-of-life”, “passionate”, and “sincere”.

Just my opinion, but Monday is not the day to debate the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s offensive. It’s offensive to say our soldiers died in a meaningless war. It’s equally offensive to defend the cause. On this day it is. We’ve got 364 other days for that.

Memorial Day to me isn’t about war or all the feelings that go along with it. It’s about individuals who chose to serve in the United States Military, they chose to follow orders and they made the ultimate sacrifice.Chances are there is a veterans’ cemetery within a few miles of you. You’ll find many soldiers buried there who returned from the war and lived full, productive lives. But you’ll no doubt find a bunch of headstones that tell the story of an abbreviated life. Each of those markers represents the crushed dream of a wife, a parent, a brother.

And I hope we will remember that on Monday, in between hanging out with family and firing up the grill and hanging out with friends…I truly hope that Monday, if even for a fleeting moment, you will hit the pause button and realize that this is not just a day off from work or school. Our fallen heroes chose to put their lives on the line for many reasons, but I’m pretty certain that giving us a day-off is not one of them.

I sometimes regret that I did not have the privilege to serve my country. As much as I whine and complain about how imperfect America is (an inalienable right to do so in America, by the way), I wish that I had given a couple years of my life to demonstrate to others and especially myself that what we have here is more than worth defending. And for those who did–and paid the price–they will forever have my unwavering respect and admiration.





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Kim and Kanye Wedding Pics

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Cason Sleeping Remedies [AUDIO]

J-Si received a lot of advice from our listeners but has he and Kinsey tried them all on Cason already? Weighted blanket, full tummy, whiskey and more. Listen to them all and share your advice below!

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Katy Tiz joins us In-Studio! [VIDEO/PICS]

Katy Tiz joined us in studio. The spicy british vocalist began her interview speaking in an American accent and the cast spoke to her in a British accent. She also performed her single The Big Bang! Listen to the entire interview below!

Don’t miss out on getting her single The Big Bang on iTunes.
Also, check out this behind the scenes video that Katy Tiz posted on twitter.

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Apps That Make You Cooler

The cast loves knowing what’s trendy. Here is a list of the The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show’s favorite Apps. Check them out and share your favorites below!


Hairy Face Salon – It is disgusting, which is why children will love it. You pop pimples, kill lice, clean wax out of ears…It’s completely gross and Emma Kelly loves it. Get it on iTunes or get the Android App

Bookworm – A word-puzzle game, just link the letters. Get it on iTunes


Big Al

Toilet Time – Spend your bathroom time with these challenging mini games. Get it on iTunes or get the Android App

Dog Translator – Dog-to-English translator that allows your dog to communicate. Get it on iTunes



Boom Beach – You own an island and are in charge of protecting it. You also have to go take over other territories. Get it on iTunes

Kidding Mo! – It’s a prank call app. Get it on iTunes



Camera+ – It’s all about one thing… great photos! Get it on iTunes or get the Android App

Snapseed – Pro-level photo editing to iPad. Get it on iTunes or get the Android App

VSCO Cam – Premier way to shoot, edit and share your photographs. Get it on iTunes or get the Android App

Square FX – So you don’t have to crop photo in Instagram. Get it on iTunes

moreBeaute2 – Get the perfect selfie. Get it on iTunes


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Our Dating Check Lists
Taylor Swift's dating check list was released, and the cast tells you what their requirements are.
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Sarah Colonna from Chelsea Lately In Studio
Stand up comedian and Chelsea Lately panelist, Sarah Colonna, joins the show to talk about her career and dating.
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Rhonda from Potluck Talks About Mothers Day [AUDIO]
Our favorite mother from Potluck, TX wishes Kellie was around so she could have another mother to talk to.
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Teacher Test: Teacher Appreciation Week
Class is in session, and the students want to thank Miss Rasberry for all of her hard work.
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Jenna's Birthday: Shots, Shots, Shots

Happy 30th Jenna! We celebrated with tequila shots and montage of Jenna's friends and telling her happy birthday.
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Jennifer Lopez Hangs Up on Kellie [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez calls us to talk about her new song First Love. We ask her about the cover of her new album AKA out June 17th, Big Al asks her out and what happened that caused her to hang up on us?

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Cinco de Mayo Tipsy Citizenship Test
To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, El Fenix brought us some delicious fijitas and margaritas to enjoy while we tried to pass the US Naturalization Test.

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Get Over It Twist: Let It Go! [AUDIO]

We usually open up the phone lines allowing listeners to tell someone to “Get Over It!” But today we put a little Frozen twist in the bit with “Let It Go!” Listen and tell someone to “Let It Go” below!


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Big Al's Mom's Birthday! [VIDEO]

Big Al calls his mother and sings happy birthday to her! He is such a thoughtful son. Watch the cast wish her a Happy Birthday below and Big Al even invites her to lunch!

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