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Posts from April 2014

What to Hoard for an Emergency

Kellie shared with listeners why she is freaked out and unprepared. She wanted to know the items to hoard in case of a disaster. The Top Ten of the 58 items she found are listed below! Or get the entire list here and listen below.

  1. Generator
  2. Water Filters/Purifiers
  3. Portable Toilets
  4. Seasoned Firewood
  5. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps
  6. Coleman Fuel
  7. Self-Defense Tools Other Than Guns & Ammunition (such as Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, Bats, Slingshots, etc.
  8. Hand-Can openers & hand egg beaters, whisks
  9. Honey, Syrups, white and brown sugars
  10. Rice; Beans; Wheat


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Emma Kelly's Sleeping Update [AUDIO]

Kellie may have given Emma Kelly one to many sad puppy dog faces. She shared with us how she and Emma Kelly have reverted back to co-sleeping. Listen to Kellie share the sweet story below!

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Katy Perry joins us [AUDIO]

Katy Perry joins us. She made the news when she staged a car crash while dressed as a clown for her new music video “Birthday.” Listen as we ask her about the details!

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Kellie & Big Al's Epic Rap Battle [AUDIO]

J-Si issued the Epic Rap Battle Challenge. Big Al sings Rapper’s Delight and Kellie refuses to participate so the production crew put a little something together. Listen to it below!

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Kellie's Blog: And then everything changed.

What a WONDERFUL day!

I hope it’s not a surprise to anyone that my faith is important to me. I screw up. I sin. But I trusted Christ as my Savior and I was promised that I could never be plucked from His hand, despite my occasional bad attitude and my love for boy bands.

And when I became a mommy, I felt like my responsibilities were to make Emma Kelly feel loved, to keep her healthy and safe, and to point her in the direction of the cross. It’s a decision I can never make for her, but I wanted to make sure I did what I could to encourage her to make that decision for herself one day.

And now my Emma Kelly is 7 and a half — the half is VERY important, by the way. She said that as she was lying in bed at her daddy’s house, she asked Jesus to come into her heart and save her!! My heart is about to explode! My baby is now a baby Christian!! We went to meet with the children’s minister at our church, just to make sure she was clear on what this means. EK said, “When I was little, I’d ask Jesus into my heart over and over again, but I didn’t know what it meant. Now I know what it means, and I asked Him into my heart.”

I believe my little girl and I will spend eternity in Heaven! But unfortunately, we won’t be spending eternity together here on earth…

I have a confession to make. My daughter and I sleep together in the same bed. It was a bad habit I began when she got her first “big girl” bed. But then time went on, and suddenly she was entering kindergarten and I was still going to bed with her. I fussed about it every night. She’d cry and beg me to stay. It was our thing.

And then kindergarten came and went and suddenly it was summer. I told her, “Look. We can still sleep in the same bed for the summer, but you’re too big to be sleeping with mommy. So when you start first grade, you’re going to have to sleep in your own bed, by yourself.”

So first grade came along and she started up with the crying and begging again and I finally just relented. And you know what happened? I started to like sleeping with my kid at night! I love cradling her in my arms as she falls asleep on my chest. I realize it won’t be like this forever. She’ll be going off to college in a few years and I have a feeling she won’t be down for having mommy follow her to the dorm.

So I stopped saying anything. I started looking forward to bedtime, when my daughter and I could cuddle and talk about our day before we both drifted off to sleep. And then it happened.

“Mommy, I want to sleep in my own bed by myself tonight.”

I was devastated.

I asked her if she was sure. I hugged and kissed on her and told her how proud I was of her while simultaneously giving her puppy dog face. But she was sure. She made a bed for her stuffed kitten in the corner and then propped up her own pillows on the bed and made sure Snuggle Puppy was within arm’s reach. She said all she needed from me was a super huge hug and a really big kiss and then I could leave. And that’s what I did.

And tonight — just like that — my little girl grew up.

- Kellie

Hear Kellie tell this story about Emma Kelly growing up here:

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Kellie's Party at Big Al's Bar [VIDEO/PICS]

The cast shares what happened over the weekend at Kellie’s birthday party. Kellie dances on stage at Big Al’s bar! You don’t want to miss watching the video and check out the pics below!

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Marlon Wayans in Studio [AUDIO]

Marlon Wayans joins us in studio to talk about his newest movie A Haunted House 2. We had a lot of laughs with him, you don’t want to miss it. Watch the fun interview below!


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Worst First Date Ever [AUDIO]

We shared a story with listeners of a bad first date that ended with a stolen tv, stolen dog and a call to the cops. We also took calls to hear from our listeners. Listen below to hear them all!


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Kellie's Blog: Older. Heavier. But here.

Mine is the birthday that never ends. I can’t think of something I want to celebrate less that more people want to celebrate with me. But rather than have one birthday brunch and be done with it, it becomes a big dinner and bar celebration followed by multiple birthday lunches spread out over the entire month, each with a separate birthday dessert. Follow all that up with one big Easter/multi-birthday celebration with my mother and sister-in-law (we’re all April babies) that includes my mama’s macaroni and cheese and a corn casserole swimming in cream cheese and butter…I might as well have slathered it all on my butt. And the end result of all this birthday celebration? I’m now up another 5.5 pounds in one weekend! How is that even humanly possible?? And here we are, TWO DAYS before a photo shoot that will leave me with pictures I’ll be stuck with — based on the last photo session — for the next 6 years!!!!

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’ve been in the gym faithfully for the past two weeks. I worked out last Friday so hard that I literally puked. But apparently all the working out in the world followed by puking isn’t enough to make up for the glutton that I’ve become in my old age.

But I do have a lot to be thankful for, right? I mean, I’m writing thank you notes every day for all the wonderful gifts I’ve been given. And I said a special thank you to God last night for allowing me to avoid a head-on collision on the tollway.

Yes, you could very well have been reading my obituary this morning instead of my whiny blog.

I was trying to get home from a long Easter/birthday celebration at my parents’ house. It was raining lightly, but I still felt comfortable going the speed limit of 70 down the tollway. Traffic wasn’t too heavy. The rain wasn’t so bad. I passed a car that was going about 50 out of either safety or idiocy and ended up in the far left lane, riding along next to the wall that separates the northbound from the southbound sides of traffic. Another car shot into the middle lane right next to me, and we both happily cruised on neck-and-neck at 70 mph for the next couple of miles. And then we rounded a corner and there it was — PARKED in the inside lane next to the wall — a car FACING me. I had about 2 seconds to decide what to do, which was to tap my brakes and scoot over into the middle lane. Thankfully, my tollway buddy inched over enough and we all missed what could have been a tragic situation.

A head-collision at 70mph??? Would Emma Kelly and I have survived that??? I know if I had looked down for one second to change the channel on the radio or glanced down to see who just texted me or turned over my shoulder for a split second to take a peek at what Emma Kelly was doing, we would’ve slammed head-on into a parked car while going 70mph!!

I said a prayer thanking God for allowing me to make it around that car. I said a prayer asking for other drivers to avoid hitting that car, too. And first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check the internet to see if anything had happened. I found nothing. Thank you, God, for answered prayers.

It makes griping about gaining another 5.5 pounds seem meaningless, but I’m still ticked off about it.

- Kellie

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Make It Sexy [AUDIO]

The cast explains daily tasks in deep sensuous voices to Make It Sexy. Want to know how to unclog the toilet, dig a ditch, pluck nose hairs or connect a trailer hitch. We can help! 


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Backstage with 5 Seconds Of Summer [VIDEO]

Production guy Trey hangs out backstage with 5 Seconds Of Summer before their performance. We asked what their fans should be called. Fivers or 5SOSers?

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Secret Girly Men [VIDEO]

After producer Nick was outed by his wife about sleeping in an eye mask, we opened up the phone lines. We want to know what secret girly things guys do.

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Happy Birthday Kellie!

It was Kellie Rasberry’s birthday over the weekend and Psycho Shanon wanted to celebrate with a gift. She made personalized certificates for Kellie’s Birthday. You don’t want to miss this, check it out below!


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Jason Derulo joins the show [AUDIO]

Jason Derulo joins the show to talk about his new album “Talk Dirty”, coming out April 15th. Does he “Talk Dirty” to Kellie?

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J-Si's Yoga Experience [ MUST SEE PICS]

Is that Derek and Jarek? No, it’s just J-Si taking a one on one AcroYoga lesson. It takes a lot of balance and focus. Check out the story and pictures of J-Si’s intense yoga experience below!







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Rhonda's Home Cookin' [AUDIO]

Rhonda from Potluck, TX calls to give the cast an easy to make, delicious meal. It’s a flexible recipe for meat lovers and it’s called Combo Pot Pie. Listen for the recipe and more below!

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Omar Epps in studio [VIDEO]

Omar Epps joins us in studio to talk about his new show Resurrection. We ask him about his career, personal life and we play “Resurrect or Leave Dead” with him. 


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Kellie Caught Kissing a Man

We all tell little white lies… What white lie did Kellie tell her daughter, when she was caught kissing a man?


About a year and a half ago, Emma Kelly thought she saw me sneaking a kiss with a man at this backyard party we were all invited to. She was hysterical. “Mommy! WHAT are you DOING?!?!”

He took off running and I was left to reassure my daughter that it wasn’t what she thought it was and that I was just hugging him good night and I was so sorry that she was upset but there was really nothing to be upset about. It was DRAMA. And I spent the next few weeks reassuring her that everything was okay. She didn’t see what she thought she saw. And her continued reaction weeks later was now borderline ridiculous and I wasn’t going to entertain the conversation with her any more.

So months and months passed. She’d randomly bring up, “Remember when I thought I saw you kissing that guy and I got so upset?” Yes, I remember. But I reminded her that I hadn’t seen that man in all those months (after he cowardly dumped me via text, by the way) and there was no reason to get upset about that all over again. But for some reason, she’s been bringing it up A LOT lately.

I finally asked her, “Is it ever going to be okay for me to kiss a man?” She didn’t even have to pause and think. “No.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re my mommy.”

“Have you ever seen daddy kiss a girl?”


“Is that okay?”


“Why is it okay for daddy to kiss a girl and I can’t kiss anybody?”

“You just can’t.”

“But I thought you wanted a stepdaddy someday?”

“No, I just want a stepmommy.”


“Because stepmoms are fun.”

I decided not to launch in to the whole, “Oh YEAH?? What about Cinderella?? You forget about THAT little story of a girl and her super fun stepmom???” But what good would that do…EK would just go run off and tell her daddy that I called his girlfriend a potential evil stepmonster. Sometimes you have to just let your kid think she’s won the conversation.

But one day, my sweet little darling daughter, when you dig through the archives of my blogs and you’re finally reading this…Mommy lied. I really was kissing that man at the backyard party.
- Kellie

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Trailer for J-Si's first movie "REBORN" [VIDEO]

It’s J-Si’s first movie! His character’s name is Alexander. He gets too deep in the underground gambling circuit and ends up falling in love. Check out the trailer for “REBORN” below!


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Nick Cannon joins us [AUDIO]

Nick Cannon, AKA Connor Smallnut, joins us to talk about his new album White People Party Music. We asked him where he got the name of his new album. Find out by listening below!


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J-Si and Big Al's Beauty and Style Secrets
Kellie and Jenna shared their beauty tips, so now it’s J-Si and Big Al’s turn.


  1. Fill in your beard by rubbing in mascara
  2. Coconut Oil is great for the skin
  3. Baking soda gets rid of the dead skin
  4. Get rid of wrinkles and lines by cut out meat, dairy, coffee and caffeine products, eat cabbage and watery fruits
  5. Freeze a spoon overnight and in the morning put on eye to bring swelling down

Big Al

Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better! (I may have gotten a little carried away here!)

  1. Stand up straight and have good posture
  2. Noxema before I shower in the morning and at night
  3. Body scrub – before I take my bubble bath
  4. After getting out of the bathtub, I will usually rub down with some scented body butter. Right now, my favorite scent is midnight pomogranite
  5. Art of Shaving – ingrown hair white willow dark extract night cream
  6. More art of shaving products: (I promise, I’m not getting paid by these people)
  7. They rub my face with some sort of “pre shave oil” that softens my face and prevents razor bumps
  8. After the shave, they rub my face with an after shave balm formulated with Vitamin c, Shea Butter and grape seed extract. Wow—that’s deep huh? Anyway, it brightens and hydrates my skin!
  9. Once every few months, it wouldn’t hurt to have the eyebrows trimmed, waxed, fixed
  10. Go to brookstone and get a nose hair trimmer
  11. An ear hair trimmer wouldn’t be a bad idea as well
  12. General man-scape chest hair, back hair, arm hair, all other hair
  13. Nice watch – have at least one
  14. Nice pair of tennis shoes and loafers. Have one clean ass pair of shoes that are your “date shoes”
  15. Cologne – a nice scent is a must
  16. Most important – get some mouthwash and keep it everywhere you go (car, office, house, her house)
  17. Loafers – don’t wear socks
  18. Manicure
  19. Teeth cleaned
  20. Get rid of the big ass key chain and the 84 keys on your key ring
  21. My girlfriend hates my cargo shorts – personally, I love them
  22. When you ask her to go out to eat, PAY! Don’t look at her and ask if she wants to split the bill
  23. If you are the guy that likes to pay cash, that’s fine but at least get a debit card
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Kellie & Jenna's Beauty Tips

Kellie and Jenna wanted to share with listeners a few beauty tips. Check them out and share yours below!


Everyone suddenly started asking me what I’d done to my skin because it was glowing. It was my Smashbox Soft Lights in Shimmer. I sweep it across my cheekbones and up to my hairline. I make one swipe across my brow and down my nose. When you first try it, you might be tempted to go heavy-handed with it because it doesn’t really show up. But this stuff reflects light, which gives you that glow — especially in pictures.
Caudalie Cleansing Water is my favorite makeup remover. It doesn’t sting my eyes or leave that oily coating like other makeup removers. And when my daughter plays with my makeup, it’s gentle enough for her delicate skin and she doesn’t fight me on it.
Getting your color done is expensive! And if your hair grows quickly, you may find yourself sitting in the salon chair once a month. Clairol Root Touch Up ($6-$7 a box) was a lifesaver for me. They have tons of shades so it was easy to find the right match for me. After about 3 weeks, I’ll start noticing grays around my hairline. Clairol Root Touch Up takes just ten minutes and it allows me to put off an expensive 2-hour trip to the salon for another few weeks.
You may not think you need a mascara primer, but that’s because you haven’t tried Cils Booster XL. I’ve tried others, but this one is the best! It makes my eyelashes look fuller and the mascara stays on longer. I’m guilty of going to bed without washing my face from time-to-time and I’ll wake up and my mascara is barely smudged.
The ends of my hair get so dry. I put a quarter-sized amount of Orofluido Elixir into the palm of my hand and work it into the ends of my wet hair before I blow it dry. And it smells WONDERFUL.
When I was in high school, I developed those embarrassing red bumps on the backs of my arms. My Mother Price told me they were soap bumps because I wasn’t rinsing off enough in the shower. I would scrub and rinse my arms to the point of blood shed and those bumps wouldn’t go away. They would come and go over the years, but finally, my daughter said something about it and I thought maybe it was finally time to go to a dermatologist and see if there was anything that could be done. She said it was actually a very common problem called keratosis pillars. And she recommended AmLactin. FINALLY!!! My soap bumps are gone!!


Dry Shampoo – #1 couldn’t live without. Baby powder also works if you have that around.

Dryer Sheets – Rub through hair for static of course, but since I only wash 3 times a week, I run down my hair in parts to freshen and then mist with perfume and blow dry.

Toothbrush – I have an extra one just for grooming. Chapped lips, I exfoliate with dry brush, also put hairspray on it and brush eyebrows and flyaways.

Vitamin E oil mixed in my baby lotion.

A little more expensive life savers:

-Botox in armpits

-Clarisonic brush changed my life

WATER WATER WATER. I drink 3 liters a day and I NEVER sleep in makeup.

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