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Kellie's Blog: Pin what where???

Kellie’s Blog: Pin what where???

Emma Kelly is obsessed with ages and birthdays. She’s constantly wanting to know if she’s older than so-and-so. If not, she’s forlorn. If so, she wants to know by how many years, months or days. And Emma Kelly is always reminding me of how old I’ll be on my next birthday. ALWAYS. I mean, like, the subject comes up ALL THE TIME. It gives her great joy.

So to distract her from MY birthday — which is coming up in four months, she reminded me — I brought up HER birthday. She said it’s not until October, but I said that ten months isn’t really THAT far away.

emmakelly820“What were you thinking you’d like to do for your birthday party this year, Emma Kelly?”

“I want a Jesus party.”

“How do you do a Jesus birthday party?”

“Um…..We can play pin the head on Jesus?”

Can she say that?? Because she just did. So I pressed her for more.

“And what else would you do?”

“My friends and I can pretend that we’re all dead and that we’re in Heaven with God.”

And I’m thinking, how am I going to word THAT birthday party invitation?? And who’s mom is going to let her kid come to a party after receiving THIS in the mail:

“Emma Kelly is turning SEVEN, so come pretend that you’re dead and in Heaven!”

Um, no. The idea of a Jesus birthday party is a good one, but it falls apart after that. She’s got ten months to come up with a new plan.

- Kellie

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01/04/2013 1:09PM
Kellie's Blog: Pin what where???
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