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Kellie's Blog: Christmas is coming whether I keep screwing up or not

I am so upset… I planned a Christmas party for my girlfriends and their kids at the exact same time my family is celebrating, complete with tickets to this over-the-top Christmas spectacular. So now some people who were so excited about coming can’t come and I feel like a big jerk. I’m just screwing Christmas for everybody…

…Just like I disappointed everybody at the office Christmas party. I know how much everybody looks forward to 2-drink Kellie, but this year, I had to be a big ol’ party pooper. I absolutely positively had to be up in time for church on Sunday and worshiping the Lord while nursing a hangover just didn’t feel right. And the reason I absolutely positively had to be at church on Sunday? Emma Kelly had to be there for rehearsals because………..she was asked to play Mary in the Christmas program!! I KNOW!!! This is a really big deal!

When I told her the Sunday school teacher called and asked if she could play Mary, EK screamed. She was SO excited! Of course, after the high of being chosen wore off, she started putting on the whole “I’m too shy! I’m scared!” act. Despite all my positive reinforcement and cajoling, she was still whining about it up until I dragged her to class on Sunday morning. Her teacher met us at the door, cooing over my daughter, who was wrapped around my thigh and had her face firmly implanted in my right butt cheek. I told the teacher that EK decided she was too scared to play Mary. She replied with a very sympathetic “Awww….” And that’s when the good teacher — in her infinite wisdom — pulled EK aside and told her she didn’t have to be Mary…she could be an angel instead. That did the trick!! EK was ALL about being Mary then! And it just so happens to be on the same Sunday that my entire family will be in church because we’re celebrating our family Christmas right after. I guess it all works out in the end….except for those people who can’t come to the Christmas party. I’ll make it up to them in 2013.

- Kellie

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12/03/2012 3:12PM
Kellie's Blog: Christmas is coming whether I keep screwing up or not
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