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Kellie explains Wart and Fire Talkers

Have you ever heard of a wart or a fire talker? Kellie Rasberry has and she explains how they can do the impossible…Don’t believe it? Just ask Daddy Boy and Mother Price!

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07/11/2013 12:26PM
Kellie explains Wart and Fire Talkers
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09/30/2013 11:42AM
Wart Talker
When my brother-in-law was a teen, he had warts all over his hands. My mother-in-law heard about a local man who was suppose to be a wart talker. The wart talker picked my brother-in-law up and took him for an afternoon drive. He talked to my brother-in-law, and briefly examined his hands. The wart disappeared shortly thereafter. When my children became teens, they also had warts on their hands, I asked my brother-in-law what the man had done, but he really didn't know. By that point in time the wart talker was dead and I had to take my teens to a doctor to have painful removals done. My brother-in-law doesn't like talking about it, because he feels it makes him sound rediculous, even though it really happened.
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