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College Radio Stations!!! YUCK

A few days ago I think it was 10/11/11 all across the country college radio stations where holding a day celebrating college radio... My question is WHY? Except for a few college stations in the area like KSLU on the north shore who actually have people that thrive on wanting to be in radio and want to make it in this busniess. I really don't know what college radio purposes are in 2011?!?!!? Many college radio stations are focused on being sooo far out in space with the music they play, only the dj playing the song knows who it is (or cares)! Give us a format that isn't currently on the in the city... It maybe jazz, dance, or ALT. rock, but god isn't the purpose of radio is to have people listen?? New Orleans college radio is totally unlisteneable!!! When was the last time you tuned your dial to anything under 92.1??? It's just unreal:(

10/13/2011 8:09AM
College Radio Stations!!! YUCK
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12/28/2011 5:01AM
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