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The new TV PAN AM SUCKS!!!

I don't know why but I was really excited about the TV show PAN AM.. I don't know why but the coming attractions seemed cool?!?! Now that I wasted 60 minutes of my life I'm pissed... Why would a network like ABC waste it's time and money on the non-sense?? I would think after a show like Desparate House Wives something big should follow!! This shouldn't even be on the Lifetime Network (not that I watch it). I'd rather watch the Cartoon Network?!?! Any way stay clear of Sunday Night (the 9pm hour)on ABC soooooo sad:(

09/26/2011 7:07PM
The new TV PAN AM SUCKS!!!
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10/23/2011 8:06AM
I so agree. Just saw the pilot and the second episode. What a bunch of shit! It was SOOO bad. The acting REALLY sucked. I googled "Pan Am sucks" to see if anyone agreed with me and it seemes like I found someone xd
11/10/2011 10:04AM
pan am sucks
I agree ,
11/28/2011 6:42AM
Sucks Big Time
The show is so white its unbelievable!!! Its obvious they're trying to jump on the 'Mad Men' bandwagon by setting a show in the 60's but 'Mad Men' was well written and had good actors. This show is just vapid Ken and Barbie dolls smiling, kissing and occasionally pouting. Pity, I really used to like Christina Ricci.
12/27/2011 4:26AM
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