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Why are so many people in pop music dressing so crazy??

First there was Lady Gaga.. We get it she's supposed to dress wild, be out there, get noticed! Then all of a sudden normal Nicki Minaj is dressing like a damn crazy person.. Almost like Lady Gaga di about 2 years ago...WHY???? Then Kate Perry starts dressing like she's in cartoons?!?!?! Just this past Sunday she had a block of cheese on her head for the MTV VMAs. Plus, I just saw a picture of her dressed up in a little drummer boy outfit!! What is going on here?!?!? Then, guess who comes to save the day? Rihanna!! She was dressed like a superstar... in a power outfit!! Looking great.. She doesn't have to have a block of cheese on her head or anything crazy like that! I hope the pop stars get it together and dress the part.. The little ones are watching!

08/31/2011 1:37PM
Why are so many people in pop music dressing so crazy??
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10/14/2011 8:05AM
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