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One year ago this week!!

One year ago this week this city was INSANE!! It was 2-7-10 that the Saints won the first ever Superbowl for the city of New Orleans.. What a special time (in a good way) it was for everyone in the area. Besides a hurricane in February (not likely) this is the only thing that could EVER put Mardi Gras on the back burner. It felt like nobody even cared about Mardi Gras cause we all had one thing on our mind... WIN!! Just writing this brings goose bumps to my arms and body!! The city went nuts that night and even with another Superbowl win down the line will probably never feel the same way!! For a few days it felt like EVERYBODY in this city was one and there was no crime or issues!! It was great and I'll always rememeber that.... WHO DAT!! CHAMPS IN 2012!!

02/03/2011 9:33AM
One year ago this week!!
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