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Jammer's Blog

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Posts from March 2013

If you ever go to Orlando for vacation!!
Recently I went to Orlando and mistakenly booked a hotel alittle further away from all of the attractions then I would have liked. No big deal cause I was sure the hotel had a shuttle to all the parks so I was covered........ NOPE:(  So the choices were to either rent a car $75 a day (HELL NO) + Parking, or Take a cab (At least $35 dollars one way):(((( Then I found the secret weapon:)) Public Transportation yes indeed.. Orlando is pretty much covered from the airport to Disney with a bus line called the LYNX or LINKS.. If you go this spring or summer or whenever you may want to look up this option on line and see if it works for you.  The fare is an easy $2 and they give you free transfers to other lines but you have to use them within 90 minutes.  If you are vacationing in Orlando you are going to spend to much money anyway... This is a great way to save $$$$..  Have fun!  
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Have you seen the new TV show "THE FOLLOWING"? Great show staring Kevin Bacon.. So many twists and turns and ups and downs.. If you can catch it from the beginning you won't regret it... Fox also says it will have a new show every Monday soyou don't have to wait forever to catch a new episode... Well written, produced, and great story line.. Let me know what you think!
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