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I guess Hurricane SANDY wanted to show the Northeast what it's like to live in the south!  It looked crazy since we are almost into November and the strom looked that bad and wound up!  I wonder how much worse it would have been if say this was July or August?  They would have had at least a Cat 2 if not 3 on their hands.  The ocean water is much cooler now then it would have been in mid summer.  Let's just pray that no loss of life happens because of this storm.   
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Gangnum Style
I keep waiting for this song's 15 minutes to be UP! It just keeps on going and going and going:((( When I first heard the song I thought it would be out for a week or two... BUT, almost a month later it won't stop.... Some people hate it some people love it.... It's now annoying the *^))* out of me... Where do you stand because really the listeners are the only ones that matter:) Sooooo Gangnum Style... GREAT SONG OR SUCKS ASS??
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Gangnum Style BITES!!!
Ok i get it... It's always fun having a song that pops out of noooooo where and blows up for some odd reason.. But, this song Gangnum Style is really HORRIBLE... It was all over every TV show including SNL about 2 weeks ago and still continues to be popular.. I don't get it and never will.. It's in the top 5 downloaded songs in New Orleans, It's everywhere!  Am I the only one who would like to forget this as quick as it came, I'd wish it would leave:)))
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