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Music right now!!!
What's HOT out there????  So many great up and coming songs from LUMINEERS, FLO-RIDA, ED SHEERAN, SCRIPT, & many more. what are you down loading right now that is new and up coming??? My pick is LUMINEERS - Hey Ho... If you haven't checked it out please do so!! Can't wait to hear what you got!! 
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One Direction.... DOWN!
You know it really gets me..... I love listening and supporting new artists... New songs.... New whatever... But it really kicks my ass when you do everything you can to support a new artist and when they get really big they say kiss my ass!!! I'll tell you who I'm talking about... ONE DIRECTION!! They were in New Orleans over the weekend filming a commercial with Drew Brees.  NO ONE from the bands management or the record company ever told B97!! So I say if One Direction doesn't need radio they can kiss our ass!!! We'll still play them but what comes around goes around!!:)  Yes - No what do you think..?
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