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Jammer's Blog

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American Idol: The final 2 tonight

Tonight we will find out who will be the final two people that go into the big show next week.. Any favorites?? Who are you loving?? I think the country guy is going to win.. I don;t know his name but he is pretty good! One question i do have is.. Is American Idol beginning to lose it's fire?? Does everybody care like we used to? Just asking... Be honest and reply back:)
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Really? Really?? Reallyylylylyl?????? Ok so hopefully you were as dissappointed with IDOL as I was. I was waiting for one of the judges to step up and say some thing funny, creative, earth shattering or just unique.... It just didn't happen!!!:((( The closest we got was Steven Tyler asking the dude if he ate paint chips when he was a child....YAWN!!! Ok so I'll just end this rant by saying good luck IDOL I have been a fan for a very long time but when you drive a car you need ALL 4 wheels to stay on the road.... They lost at least one in the off season... SIMON we will miss you!!
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Why is it so cooooooold?

OMG, what the hell is going on around here?? It is crazy cold..I grew up in Philadelphia but this is stupid!! It's really bad when you live in a house or work in a building that isn'ytmade for this type of weather! You can never get warm and it's sucks!! Where are my cold people? Sound off and let's warm each other up:)
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Ted Williams (Homeless radio guy) and daughter get arrested?!

It's really sad that all of this overnight fame brings out the crazy in people. His daughter probably just wanted some of the $$$... I have a question that maybe somebody else has too.. Where was his daughter 2 weeks ago when Ted was sleeping under an expressway on ramp? Where was his daughter 2 months ago when Ted was begging for food? THAT PISSES ME OFF BIG TIME! Ted is more then likely a little crazy or he would never be in radio:) I'm kidding but seriously... Where was his family before this explosion of fame?? I don't know the answer but I'm just sure they weren't by his side as he was HOMELESS right? All I have to say is BITCHES step off the poor man!
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The WHO DAT Nation is NOT alive in Dallas!!!!LOL

Just got back Monday Night from visiting family in Philadelphia over the SNOWY Christmas Weekend. I was very lucky to get a flight from Philly to Orlando then to New Orleans yesterday. I didn't realize it until I start asking people around me including the flight attendants if they knew what the score was... The answer was..."For what"?! I was like "the Saints game duhh"!!.. The reply was "F**& them" I was SHOCKED.. I then realized that maybe 6 people on this flight were FROM New Orleans. The flight crew and passengers were all on the way to their homebase of......DALLAS!!! OHH SORRY you had to stop in New Orleans for 30 minutes!! On the way off the plane I was chanting WHO DAT, WHO DAT and telling them we'll see them in Feburary and to please keep an eye out for great hotel deals when we come to town for the Superbowl!! As a double HATER of Dallas (Grew up in Philly n for a total of 6 years live in New Orleans)! I wish them nothing but the worst:) WHO DAT BABY!!
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Jar Of Hearts

So we start playing a song called "Jar Of Hearts" by Christina Perri this week. So far I've heard only negative comments about this song like: "EWWW, that song sucks" or "It's depressing, shut it off" I happen to think this song is really amazing. It has been around since Spring or Summer of this year because she preformed on "So You Think You Can Dance" the song went crazy for a week then died out. It's back and going to be a huge song.. I do want to hear the negative with the positive so feel free to tell me what you think... But, give it a few listens and then decide!! Thanks..
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USHER front row tickets

We usually get the chance to giveaway great prizes here at B97. But this seems really special and HOT! We're giving them away between now and Christmas by playing 2 Usher songs in a row. It really seems Usher has hit a new high this year because everytime I play 1 Usher song it seems everybody is going nuts on our request lines!!! These are big tix and can't wait to see who will win them. My questions is: Is it just because it's "Front Row" tix? or is it because "It's Usher & Trey Songz from row tickets?"
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If you're not a GLEE fan....

What is wrong with you do you not have a soul?? Do you not have any Christmas Spirit?? GLEE...The show last night made grown men cry (not me though)... So catch it again on 12/21/10 and catch some Xmas Spirit Damn it!!!
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Don't Touch the Junk!

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We're playing two songs that have alot of people talking.. 1) "LIKE A G6" / FAR EAST MOVEMENT... I couldn't believe how many people just love that song!! 2) "F-U" or "FORGET YOU" / CEE LO GREEN... I think it's the funniest song in a long time!! What do you feel about these songs?
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