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J-Si's Blog: Cason is growing up too fast

Cason is not doing too well with the new baby thing. He is actually doing better than I thought, but he still does not understand why mommy cannot drop everything when he comes up, taps her leg, and tries to grab her hand so he can guide her to whatever activity he wants to get into. I know what you are wondering, why don’t you just take over from there, J-Si? I try. He is into mom right now, so he doesn’t really respond well to me barging in on his attempted Cason and Kinsey time.

chloeHowever, he is starting to do some pretty hilarious stuff. We took him with us to Chloe’s first doctors appointment, and he has now learned that when we go to the doctor, he is probably getting some sort of shot. So when he is sitting there, playing with the toys in the waiting room, he will drop everything when the nurse opens the door, he stares at her, and when she calls another kid’s name, he goes back to playing. When he heard Chloe’s name called, he looked confused, and as soon as we stood up, he freaked out and started saying, “no… no! no!” over and over again. I had to promise him that we were there for Chloe, and not for him to ease his mind. When the nurse walked into the actual room, he once again stops everything, looks at her, says “no, no, no… bye!!!!” Same thing when the doctor walked in. So I eased his mind again by telling him it was all for Chloe. I turned out to be a liar. The doctor told us Cason needed a flu shot. Great! When the nurse came back in, he know what was happening, he stared at me and gave me the, “I thought I could trust you” look. He got his little shot, cried, and then started making the noise you make when you fall down and skin your knee: “owwwwww… uhhhhhh!” He did that for about a minute straight, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

He must have recovered quickly, because K-Ras came over to see Chloe, and he automatically grabbed Emma Kelly’s hand, led her to his room, walked in there, and shut the door. I told that young man that he is not allowed to have girls in there with the door closed. He decided not to listen. I actually have video proof here:

They grow up so fast, don’t they? And look at lil Emma Kelly, going after a younger gentleman, like her mama. haha.

- J-Si


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09/11/2013 10:35AM
J-Si's Blog: Cason is growing up too fast
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