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Is this CHEESY?

So in my apartment complex we have a few people behind the desk taking care of vistors and packages and the such which thye do a great job.  I walk by today and they have an "EMPLOYEE CHRISTMAS FUND" type of bucket on the counter for money.  Don't get me wrong but for most people who pay a crap load of rent and pay to park their car in this place I am not giving a xmas tip!!
I feel the owner of the building or management service they are currently working for should take care of them.  It's like working on B97 and asking for the listeners to tip us cause we play their favorite music!! THAT IS INSANE!!! I'm not a scruge but WTH??  Am I out of my mind or do you agree?

11/18/2011 4:14PM
Is this CHEESY?
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12/26/2011 3:17AM
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